Words came from the God who made heaven and earth and who loves us and promised to save us from every bad thing, His words came to Micah in the days of three kings.

The Lord God told Micah to tell the people, Listen all people. Listen, O earth, and everything in it. Let the Lord tell what He saw against you, the Lord talking from out of His holy temple.

Look at this! The Lord comes out of His place and will come down and walk on the high places of the world.

The mountains will melt under him and the valleys will be split apart like wax when fire comes close to it and like water pouring down off a high mountain. It will happen because of the bad stuff the family of Jacob did, the stuff of the house of Israel did against the Lord, their Maker.

What bad stuff did they do? The made statues and said they were Me, and bowed down to them. I will make them nothing but a heap of junk. They will be pounded down to nothing and burned in the fire.


I will wail and cry out like the dragons and the owls because My people are broken and can’t be fixed.



Don’t look, people of the world, because she is so ruined that she is embarrassed.

Bad stuff is coming to the ones who lay on their beds and think up bad stuff. They charge too much money for what they sell and press in hard on everyone.

They see someone else’s stuff and then plan to kill them to take their land and their houses, so I am against them says the Lord. Then you won’t be puffed up anymore.

They will sing sad songs about you, telling how ruined you are. No one will help you. Can’t the Lord help when you need something? Why do you take other people stuff?



You won’t let My talkers tell My words to the people to help them. You say, Don’t tell those words.



My people are turned away from Me into My enemies. Don’t My words do good to the ones who look to Me?

But you threw the women out of their nice houses and won’t let the children see My special shiny brightness that makes their hearts happy.

You only listen to the ones who tell you that you will have lots of wine and whiskey to drink. That one is the one you want.


But I will round up all of you like a flock of sheep. The noise of them will be loud because there will be so many of them.





All the bad ones will be broken

The Lord told Micah to say to the princes of Israel, Aren’t you supposed to know the right thing to do? You who hate to do right stuff and love to do bad stuff.

You gobble up the little ones of My people and break their bones. So when you need My help. I will hide My face because of all the bad stuff you do.


You are making My people do bad stuff. It will be very bad for you. It will be very dark.




You will be very embarrassed because the Lord won’t answer back.



But Micah was full of power by the Spirit of the Lord and strong to tell Jacob the bad stuff he was doing.


Hear this you princes who charge money for telling the people the words of the Lord.



But you lean on the Lord and say He is with you and that no bad thing can happen to you.


So this whole place will be turned upside down and plowed under like a field. Jerusalem will become a pile of trash and the mountain where the Lord’s house is will be like a bare mountaintop.


But in the last days of the world the mountain where the Lord’s house is will be lifted up higher than all the other mountains and people will come there from all over the world.

Many other countries will say, Come on, Let’s go up to the mountain of the Lord and to the house of the God of Jacob and He will teach us His rules and the way He does everything; and we will walk in His paths.





And His words will go out from Jerusalem.


The Lord will be the top judge and prince over all the people in the world and spank the strong nations. And they will beat their swords into tree trimmers and hedge trimmers and fruit picking poles.

No country will take swords and guns and tanks to capture any other country anymore.





The mouth of the Lord said this.


All people will walk in the name of their god and we will walk in the Name of the Lord our God forever and ever.

The Lord will gather all the weak ones and make them run strong. He will go get the ones who were chased off and the ones who were hurt and take them home with Him.



He will be the king over everything from Mt Zion from that time on for always.



Don’t cry and be upset, because you are the Lord’s people who will get to be in charge over the world.


You will be saved from every trouble and lifted up high forever.




The Lord will buy you back to Himself from every enemy.


Many of the countries will come to fight against you, but the Lord will use You to get those bad ones out of this world forever.