Who believed what we said when we told how good and strong the Lord is, when He comes to save us?




He will come into the world and be just like one of us, plain and not strong.




Men won’t like Him and will not think as much about Him like they should.






He will carry all our troubles





and our sadness



 and all our sickness.




Then He will take all our spanking for all the bad stuff we did, every single bit of it.





All of us have wandered away from God


like sheep wandering away from the pasture and getting stuck in the sticky bushes





We only did what we wanted

and the Lord put on Him all our spanking for all the people that will ever live in the world.




He did it because He loves us too much to count.




He never did anything bad so nothing bad should ever come on Him.



But He took all our badness that had to be cleaned away so that we could be happy with God forever.



God saw what His Son did and was not mad one bit anymore about all the badness of all the people.


And He took His Sons perfect goodness and put it on every single one who believes in His Son.



Because His Son did this God will put Him in charge over everything everywhere.





Burst out singing you ones who have no babies,




you will have so many that you have to get a bigger place house.



Your whole country will fill up and be bursting with people.



Do not be afraid or be embarrassed about bad things that you did or that happened to you when you were young or when your husband died.






Because Your Maker is your Husband; the Lord of all the armies of angels of heaven is His name.






He is called the God over all the world.




The Lord called You to be his when you were left by your husband and sad when no one loved you.



I left you for a little while but will always put My special love on you now,



says the One who bought you back to Him by taking the spanking for all your bad stuff.

I will always love you now. I promise this like I promise that I won’t let waters flood over all the world like I did in Noah’s time.



The mountains and hills will run away but My love will never leave you.





O troubled one, you have had so much trouble.



I will set your city on sapphire blue stones



with jewels for windows




and diamonds for gates.


The Lord will be the teacher of your little ones and they will have peace that is too big to keep inside you.




Everything will be right in your city and no one will ever press in on you again.




You won’t ever be scared again, scary things won’t come close to you anymore.





Anyone who comes against you to hurt you will fall.



And anyone who says bad stuff against you at court won’t win.






This is what I will do for you who are Mine.