Since they wouldn’t listen, the Lord God will take away the food and water from them.




He put children and babies to be in charge over them. Puffed up ones who gave them hard things to do.




Everything was ruined then and no one wanted to be over them at all.




Their faces show their badness. They can’t hide it.

But tell the ones who listen to Me, says the Lord God, that it will be good for them.





I will keep them safe from all the trouble.




They will have plenty of good water and good things to eat because they do what is good.




Bad stuff will be to the ones who do bad.




O my people, the ones who are leading you are making you do the bad stuff.

The Lord stands up and begs the people to come back to Him so the bad stuff won’t happen to them.



The Lord will make it hard for the ones who have had a long time to do right but who wouldn’t.

Instead, they took the food and houses of the people who were poor and beat them and mashed their faces into the dust.



The Lord said, Because you are so puffed up and only think about being pretty, I will take away all your pretty stuff, all your pretty clothes and necklaces and rings.






The sword will gobble up all your strong soldiers and you will sit on the ground empty.

When that happens seven ladies will try to get the same man to marry them so they won’t be embarrassed.






Then, in that day, the branch of the Lord will be very beautiful and full of shiny brightness.

Then the Lord will fill up the world with good and beautiful fruit to eat and all good things for the ones who get away from the bad stuff.




All the ones left will be called special to God, all the ones living in Jerusalem, the Lord’s city, when the Lord has washed away all the dirt of their bad stuff.






And the Lord will be on every house a cloud and smoke in the daytime





and a shiny fiery tower of fire in the nighttime.




He will be a tent to shade them in the daytime and keep them cool



and a safe place for them to hide from the storms and from the rain.