The Lord told Malachi to say to Israel, I have loved you so much, says the Lord. But you say, How have you loved us? We don’t see it. But I made Israel strong and threw away their enemies.



Boys hold their Dad’s high in their hearts and I am your forever Dad. Why don’t you hold me high? And you say, We do.

The Lord says, When you bring me a present, it is a broken or dirty thing you don’t want anymore. If you gave that to your ruler would he be happy and think it was a good present?




But ask now and the Lord will put His special love on you.

Will anyone here keep my house clean and do the work except you charge lots of money for the littlest thing, even just opening the doors.

I don’t like this at all and I won’t take any of the presents you bring to Me because from the place the sun comes up to the place it goes down My name will be great and help up high by all the countries of the world.


And they will bow down to me and bring clean presents. They will know that I am the best.


But you hate all the presents that show My big love for you and say it makes you tired.

Bad things on the one who has a good present to bring for Me but brings a broken, dirty one, because I a the great King over all the world. I am amazing to the other countries.


And you priests, This word is for you. If you won’t hear and take it into your heart to hold me up high in your thinking, I will send a curse out on you. I will make all your stuff yukky.

Didn’t I make a good deal with Levi? He was happy and had a quiet life and helped many people come back to me. He told them My rules and helped them walk in My way.



But you left My way and make people trip over My words so I made you small to the people. And you only tell part of My rules.


Don’t we have one father and One God who made us. Why do you cheat your brothers? The Lord will cut off the man who does this.

And your wives are always coming and crying to Me because you are going to other women. The Lord made you into one but you are putting them away and going to someone else and hitting and hurting.

Your words make the Lord tired but you say, How do we make Him tired? It’s because you say that bad stuff is good and good stuff is bad and you say that the Lord is happy with the bad stuff. And you say, Where is the Lord? Why doesn’t He do something?

Don’t wish for the day when the Lord comes to the world to be King because its sad when He has to pay back all the bad stuff they did.




After that it will be good. I am the Lord; I don’t change; I am always the same. Come back to Me and I will come back to you.



Will a man steal God’s stuff? But you, this whole country, steal from Me because you don’t give Me the first tenth part.


Bring all the first tenth parts into the barn and I will open the windows of heaven and pour out so much happy good stuff that you won’t be able to hold it all.



I will make the bad ones who eat up your stuff stay far away from you.





Your words have been hard against Me. And you call good bad and bad good.




All the countries will hold you high in their eyes.

The ones who wanted the Lord talked a lot to each other and the Lord listened and made a book about their special stuff. They will be Mine, My special jewels, and I will keep them in a safe place.



The day is coming hot like an oven. It will burn them all up. Not even the root will be left.



But the ones who hold Me high the Sun of righteousness will rise up with healing in His wings. You will run out laughing and jumping.




You will walk on the bad ones.


Remember the rules I gave. I will send Elijah to come before that great and awesome day I came back.





He will turn the hearts of the fathers back to the children so I won’t spank you.