Shhhhh, be quiet in front of Me, O everyone, to let the people get strong again.




Who raises up the one who will rule over all the kings forever?



Who raises up the people and calls for them all to come into life throughout all the years of the world?





I am the one. It is Me.



The people get together to make statues that can’t do anything.



But you, O Israel, are My servant, the sinner that I have chosen, the grandson of Abraham, my friend.




I picked you and took you from the ends of the world and will never throw you away.



Do not be afraid because I am with you: don’t be upset because I am your God. I will make you strong.






I will help you and hold you up with My right hand.

All that get mad at you will be upset and confused. All that fight against you will disappear. You will look for them but not be able to find them.




I will win over all the bad ones by you.



And you will be amazed and full of happiness in the Holy One of Israel.

When the poor ones need a drink and can’t find water, I will hear them and stay with them and open up rivers in high places and fountains in the middle of the valleys for them.

I will plant all the beautiful and wonderful trees in the empty and dry and wild places so they can see that the hand of the Lord did it.

All of you bad ones, tell me what things are going to happen next so that we will know that you are gods. You can’t tell what’s going to happen. You don’t know anything.




You are nothing and can do nothing. The ones who choose you are yukky.


But look at My servant, the one I hold up. I have put My Spirit in Him. He will come and make it right for everyone.




He will not be upset or miss even one step but will make it all right and good for everyone.



The people in far off lands will wait to hear how He wants to do everything.



This is what God the Lord says, who made the heavens and spread them and made the world



and spread out the land and makes everything grow out of it. This is what He says to the One He calls:




I, the Lord, have called you rightly. I will hold You up and guard You and give you for a promise to the people and I will give you for a light to the other countries of the world.





To make the blind eyes see and let loose prisoners from their prisons.


I AM the LORD, and I will not give my special brightness of all that I am, to anyone else, especially empty statues that can’t do anything.


I tell you everything I am going to do before I do it so you will know that I am the One that does it.

Let all the world sing a new song to the Lord from forests and the tops of the mountains and the ends of the world and the farthest seas and from the dry and wild places.






Let them sing how good is all the stuff I do.


The Lord will go out like a mighty lion and roar and win over all the bad ones.





I have kept quiet, says the Lord, for a long time to let you pick who you will follow. Now I will stop all the bad stuff.




I will bring the blind ones on straight paths to Me.





I will make light for them in the darkness.





I won’t leave them or turn away from them.




They will come back to me and be really embarrassed that they leaned on empty statues instead of Me.



The Lord is very happy about His right way. He will make His rules the highest and most special ones.


The Lord was not happy with His people because they made statues to love


and bad things happened when He got mad. But the people didn’t even think about it. They just kept on their bad way.