A man who told God’s words whose name was Habakkuk saw an amazing thing.

Habakkuk was really upset about all the people hitting and hurting people and stealing from each other in the Lord’s special land.



Lots of people were doing bad stuff and the leaders who were supposed to make everything be right for everyone weren’t stopping the ones from doing the bad stuff.



The judges were taking money to help the bad ones instead of making it right for the ones who were being hurt and stolen from.

When Habakkuk talked to the Lord and asked why the Lord was letting all these bad things happen the Lord told Him, Watch, because I’m going to do an amazing thing.

I am going to bring bad ones from another country to pay back the bad stuff that these people are doing. They will be big and scary when they come to march through the land.

Their horses are faster than leopards and their teeth big and sharp like the wolves in the evening. They will soar across the land like a hungry eagle diving down from the sky.




They will make fun of the princes and kings.

I see, said Habakkuk, Aren’t you the One, O Lord, who has always has been? You are my most special One. We aren’t going to die and be gone forever.



You are sending them to spank us for all this bad stuff, so we will get back on Your road so we will be happy again. You are so good that You can’t look at bad stuff.




I will stand on the tower to watch what the Lord will tell me.

The Lord said to Habakkuk, Write what I showed you real straight and clear so the people will know and run away from the trouble that is coming.





Being puffed up is not right. The right thing is to trust in the Lord.

Ones who drink too much wine are puffed up and want all of everyone else’s stuff. They will have lots of trouble.




Bad stuff comes to the ones who always want other peoples stuff.

They people are making themselves so tired with all empty stuff; but the world will be full of all God’s good stuff like the water covers the oceans.



Bad crying to the ones who make others drink wine so they can take their clothes off and look at them naked. They will be really embarrassed.


What good is it to the ones who carve the statues for people to bow down to. That is just a lie and a nothing that can’t help you.



The Lord is in His holy temple. Let all the world stay quiet looking at Him.

Habakkuk prayed to the Lord and said, O Lord, I heard what You said and I was scared. O Lord, do Your work of saving us now. When you are mad because of our bad stuff, remember Your big special love for everyone.


The Lord came and His shiny brightness covered the heavens and the earth was full of saying good stuff about Him.


His brightness was like the light and the power of His great love for us went out from his side and part of His power was hiding.


He split apart the nations and the mountains were chased away and the hills bowed down to Him.

The people were having trouble and were shaking.




Are you mad at the rivers?




And mad at the oceans?




You that ride Your horses and chariots to save us.

You split the world with rivers. The mountains saw it and started shaking. The deepest waters talked and lifted up high their hands.


The sun and moon stood still where they live and the light from Your arrows went out. Your spear sparkled.



You marched through the land and smashed the bad ones when you were mad.



You went out to save Your people, the ones you pour your Spirit on. And you hurt the bad ones clear up to their neck.





You walked through the sea with your horses, through the waters piled up really high.


When Habakkuk heard it, his tummy was shaking and his lips were shaking when he heard the sound of the Lord’s words talking.


Even if the fig tree won’t blossom or the vines have no fruit or the olive tree not grow olives and the fields grow no grain and there are no animals anymore, I will still be happy in the Lord who loves me and saves me, said Habakkuk.




The Lord makes me strong so I can leap on the mountains.