When Ahaz was king, two bad, mean other kings got their soldiers ready to fight against Ahaz, the king of Judah, God’s people, to kill them and take their stuff.



The kings came to fight against king Ahaz and God’s people, but they couldn’t win.

Then the north part of God’s people joined the two kings to try to win.




When king Ahaz heard this he and all his people were really scared.

Then the Lord said to Isaiah (the man who told God’s words to the people), Go meet the king and tell him, Be quiet and listen. Don’t be afraid about this. I won’t let it happen.



The Lord told the king, If you don’t believe what I say you won’t stand strong.


Ask for Me to show you a sign that I will do it and keep you safe.



Look, a woman who never joined with a man will have a baby and his name will be Immanuel which means God with us because that baby will be Me coming to live with My people for always.




He will eat butter and honey and will always do the right thing and say no to the bad ones all day every day.

The Lord will get rid of these bad kings and the people will be safe and live and eat butter and honey because they just have cows and no crops in the field.



Then the Lord said to Isaiah, Take a large roll and write on it the name I give you to call your next son.





It means ‘quick to take your stuff.’

Because before your son is old enough to call you mommy and daddy, the king of Assyria will take away all the cities of these kings that came to fight with you.



The king and his army will run over them like a big river, sweeping away everything.

And since My people won’t listen to me or even look at Me, that king will be like a mighty river over the land of My people too.

He will come through and almost get all of you, everyone who won’t listen to Me.



The Lord said to me, Set the Lord high in your heart. Only look to Him and only listen to Him; and don’t do what these people do.





The Lord will be a safe hiding place for you; but the ones who won’t listen will trip over Him and fall and be ruined.




Many will fall but I will wait for the Lord and look only for Him.

Isaiah said, I and the children the Lord has given me are signs and wonders in Israel from the Lord to the people, so that maybe they will turn back to Him and be saved from the trouble that is coming.


Don’t go to the fortune tellers or read your star charts, Shouldn’t you ask the Lord who made you your questions?





Go back to His law and read all the words that He has told us.