While Jeremiah was still in jail

the Lord said to him, This is what the One says who made everything: Call to Me and I will answer and show you great and mighty things you don’t know about.




All the bad stuff will come back on these ones who did bad in My place,




then I will heal and cure them and make it all better than before.




I will fill this place to bursting with peace and true things.


I will clean away all the bad and dirty stuff from inside the ones who turned their backs and went away from Me.


And this place will be the best and most fun place in the world. Everyone will come here and want to be here.




They will be all shaky for all the good stuff that I will do to them.



This empty place will be filled with happy sounds of joy and brides and bridegrooms




who will be saying, The Lord is the best. His special love is for always and always.

I will cause shepherds to bring big flocks here and they will lie down and rest. There will be so many that they have to have a special way to count them.



In those days I will make My Son be the special king who will only do right and good.




And all My people will live safe where no one or nothing can hurt them.

If you can make the day and night not happen, only then could My special promise to David be broken that he will have his son to be king on his throne.


Just like you can’t count the stars or how many pieces of sand are on the seashore, so I will have that many of My people here, too many to count.

The bad ones don’t want My people to live or be here in this special place but they can’t break the day or the night and they can’t stop Me from doing this for My people.




I will bring them back here because of My special love for them.

When all the armies of the kingdoms of Nebuchadnezzar came against the Lord’s city of Jerusalem, the Lord told Jeremiah to tell king Zedekiah,




I will give this place to that king and he will burn it with fire.

You won’t be able to escape from him. But hear what I say about king Zedekiah: A sword won’t kill you but you will die quiet when its time and the people will burn sweet smells as they cry to remember you.

The king and the people made a promise to let their slaves go free, but then turn back and broke their  promise and took them for slaves again to work without pay.

So the Lord told Jeremiah to say to them: You made a promise with Me to keep My word that after 7 years you let a person serving you go free.


You are breaking that promise and it makes me look yukky to the people. Stop doing it, stop making me look yukky to the people.



So I will make you slaves to the other countries around the world, you ones who broke My word.





I will empty all the bad ones out of My city.