The Lord Gold told a man named Joel to say to Israel, Listen to this, you old men, turn your ears to hear this everyone who lives in My special land.

Have you ever seen anything like this? Tell your kids and let them tell their kids on down through all the years and all the families that what the worm leaves the locust will eat and then the caterpillar will eat what is left from that and there will be no food.

Wake up! all you ones who are sleeping from drinking too much wine. There won’t be any wine to drink.

Be embarrassed you ones who grow crops because nothing will grow, no wheat or barley or grapes. The vine and fig tree are dried up. So are the pomegranate tree and the palm tree and the apple tree and all the trees of the field.



All the happy thoughts have dried up too from all the people.


You priests who help the people to get to God, howl and cry all night because no presents are brought to the Lord.


Everyone get quiet in your hearts in front of the Lord God because the day when he will spank you is right now.




The animals will groan and the cows and sheep will be upset because they have no grass to eat.




Even the rivers of water are dried up.


Blow the trumpet in Zion and sound the trouble from My holy mountain because the day of spanking comes right now.

A dark and icky day spreads like morning comes over the mountains. It is an army, a people who are very strong like none before them.

A fire goes in front of them and a fire goes behind that burns up everything. The land was like the Lord’s beautiful garden of Eden and now it is a bare and burned heap.




The army of bad ones will come and jump over the wall and strike down everything. It will be awful, awful.

Now, turn back to Me, says the Lord, with all your thinking and be quiet and sad. Tear away the bad thinking from you minds instead of tearing your shirts because the Lord is very kind and gentle and full of love. He will turn away from the spanking and hug you instead if you turn back to Him.



Get all the people together, even the little babies and come to My house and ask Me to not spank this special land of Mine.




Then the Lord will be kind to His people and send corn and wine and oil and grass for all the animals to eat.


He will send that army far away back to the north. Do not be afraid you animals in the field.



Leap about because you are so happy because the grass will spring up and the trees will be full of yummy fruit and the vines will be full of grapes.


Be happy in the Lord because He will give the rain that makes everything grow. He will give back everything that was taken away and everything all the worms and caterpillars ate.


You will eat lost of yummy food and be full and say the best things about the Lord who did many good things for you. You won’t ever be embarrassed but will all see the good stuff about the Lord.


He will show wonderful and amazing things in the heavens and pour out His Spirit on everyone.

Everyone who calls out to the Lord will be saved because the Lord will be in the mountain of Zion saving everyone who turns to Him.




In those days the Lord will let loose from the bad ones Judah and Jerusalem.

He will gather all the nations and have a talk with them in the valley of Jehoshaphat about how bad they were to His people and how they took the gold and silver from His temple.




The Lord says, Get together and make swords and come fight against Me and see if you can win.




I will sit there in the valley and show you all the bad stuff you did and why it is bad.



The sun and the moon will go dark and the stars will stop their shining.



The Lord will roar like a great lion from the mountain of Zion and the heavens and earth will shake at the sound.




But the Lord will be there for His people and make them so strong.



They will know that the Lord God who made all of everything is right there with them.

The mountains will drip with new wine and the hills will be full of milk and the rivers will be full of waters and a fountain will come out of the house of the Lord and will water the valley.

Egypt will be empty and Edom will be an empty wilderness because of how they hurt the Lord’s people. They hurt the Lord’s people who hadn’t done anything wrong.

But Judah will stay a strong country forever and Jerusalem will be the best city for all the families of all the years. The Lord will make them all shiny clean because the Lord lives there in Zion.