The hard thing that Isaiah saw about the country called Babylon. It was the best and most beautiful kingdom in the world for a while.






The Lord says, I have commanded my special ones, the ones who are happy about how special I am and how big I am and how good I am.

The Lord calls an army from a far country, a really big army. When you see them you will shake for being so scared.

The Lord is mad and will get rid of all the bad ones out of the land because of all the hurt and tears and pain that they have made for everyone.





                 I will spank


the world for all the bad stuff they have been doing.






I will stop them from being puffed up.



I will make it so that every man will be more special than the best gold.



I will shake the heavens and the world will move out of her place on that day that I let out how mad I am.



Every man will run back to his own country and many of them will be stuck with a sword.


I will stir up warrior nations that don’t care about silver or gold to come after the bad ones.


And the kingdom called Babylon will be like when God burned away Sodom and Gomorrah. No one will ever live there again except the owls and wild animals.

But Lord will keep His special love on Jacob and will still choose Israel and set them in their own land.



Many people from other countries of the world will come and stay with them and be joined to their country and hold on tight to them.


The people of the world will take God’s people and bring them to God’s special country.





And the people that took them away to be their slaves will bring them home and be slaves to them.


And it will happen in that day that the Lord God will make happy all the sad ones and they won’t be scared anymore.



They will say about Babylon, Done, you are done. The Lord has broken the power that you had over everyone.




He spanked you and no one stopped Him.




All of your specialness is brought down to the grave.





The leader of the bad ones said, I will go up high into heaven,




I will set my throne higher than the stars of God,





I will be over all God’s people, telling them what to do,



I will go above the clouds, I will be like the Most High God.


But you will be brought down into the worst and lowest place, the fiery pit of hell.



People will look at you and say, Is this that one that made all the hurt and caused all the trouble for us?



Is this the one who made God’s beautiful world all ruined and kept everyone chained up and scared?


You will not be with the kings of their world in their honor but will lie on the ground like a dead bird.


The Lord will never hold the bad ones up high.




What I say is what happens, says the Lord. I will break the bad ones and walk over them.

All the bad ones will be ruined and go away forever like smoke disappears forever.





But the Lord will set His people firm on His holy mountain forever.




And His people will live there happy forever.