The heavy load of Nineveh: This tells what the Lord God showed about the city of Nineveh to a man named Nahum.

The Lord was upset with the people of Nineveh because He made them and wants them only for Himself and not for the bad ones. But they went to the bad ones.




He is so mad and will get back for all the bad stuff.




It takes a long time for the Lord to get mad. But He is so mad and will bet back at the ones who hate Him.



The Lord gets mad real slow and his power is real big. He sends the whirlwind and the storm.




The clouds are the dust of His feet.



He stops the sea and makes it dry. He dried up all the rivers. The flowers wilt and disappear.



The mountains shake and the hills melt when He comes. The grounds is burned up, the world and everything in it.

Who can stand it when He gets mad? He is so fierce that no one can stand it. His big madness rushes out like a fire and He throws down all rocks and the guns and swords to the ground.


The Lord is good, a strong fort for us when trouble comes. He knows the ones who want Him and lean on Him.

But He will send a flood to overrun the bad ones in their places and darkness will chase His enemies.




Can anyone think up stuff to hurt the Lord. He will stop it fast. Hurt won’t come back ever again.



The ones who hate Him trip around like drunk men and are burned up like dry grass.




A bad one comes out of Nineveh that thinks up bad stuff against the Lord, a really bad one.



Even if they are really sneaky and quiet they will be cut down when He passes through.


Though He spanked His people, He won’t hurt them anymore. He will break away all the troubles from them.

He will hurt the ones that hurt them and made statues to bow down to. He will break down the statues and the ones who make them and bury them under the ground because they are really yukky and stinky.



Look at the beautiful feet of the ones who come on the mountains to tell the happy news that the trouble is over and the good stuff all comes now.




Have the Lord’s parties and be really happy because the bad ones can’t come here anymore. They are all cut off and thrown away and burned up.


The one that smashes everything is right up to your face. So keep looking out and make your arms strong and make your fort strong because the Lord has turned away. It will be empty and ruined.

The shields will be red from the blood of sword- fighting. The chariots will be like big fires charging about and the fir trees will be shaken clear down do their roots in the ground.




The best warriors will trip when they walk. They hurry to make the wall strong.


The gates of the rivers will be opened and the palace will melt away to nothing in the waters.

The people will be captured and all their good stuff and treasures stolen. There is no end to all the treasures they have, but now it will be empty and ruined.



Everyone is so scared that their knees bump together. They used to live here like strong lions.

I am against you, says the Lord of all the armies of the angels of heaven. I will cut you off and you won’t take My people or their stuff anymore.



Much crying for sadness will be to the city that hurt people and lied and stole.



The chariot wheels rattle and jump and the whips crack and the horses prance.

Bad stuff comes on your for all the bad stuff you did. You will be naked and embarrassed and everyone will laugh at you.





All your forts will be grabbed away like the first sweet figs on the tree.

The gates of your city are wide open for your enemies to come in. They will burn the gates with fire.





The fire and sword will eat you up.


You thought having lots of stuff would make you happy so you made the land full of stores to buy stuff, more than the stars in the sky.


The leaders you picked to be in charge over you will take all your stuff and not help you or protect you; and they will just fly away like the grasshoppers in the bushes when the sun comes up.




You can’t be fixed because you are too broken.

All your bad stuff from the bad ones poured out making bad on everyone, on and on and on everywhere without stopping.