Amos was a man who watched over flocks and herds of animals when the Lord showed him what was going to happen.




The Lord told Amos words for His people through the times of 2 kings.


These first words came 2 years before the earthquake, saying, The Lord will roar like a lion from Jerusalem against Damascus for three bad things and then four


because they beat the Lord’s people down to the ground with iron until almost nothing was left.



The Lord said, So I will send a fire that will burn up the palace of the king of these bad people and they will be captured and taken away.


Against the city of Tyre the Lord said, For three bad things and then four I will not turn away from spanking then because they did not remember to be kind to their brothers.



I will set a fire that will burn down their palaces.

Against Edom the Lord said, For three bad things and then for four I will not turn away from spanking them because they chased their brothers with the sword. Their anger wouldn’t stop. So I will send a fire to burn up their palaces.




They hurt the women about to have babies. I will send a fire to burn up their palaces and there will be loud shouting and a whirlwind in that day.



Their king will be captured and led away, says the Lord.


The Lord says to Moab, For 3 bad things and then four I will not turn away from spanking.  I will throw away the judges and kill their princes because they threw away my rules.



I will send a fire to eat up their palaces because they sold the ones who do right for silver and poor ones for a pair of shoes.

I brought you out of being slaves in Egypt and gave you the best land in the world but you make My good ones drink wine and don’t let them tell my good words.



You do so much bad stuff its pressing Me down really hard like a cart full of rocks.

The strong ones can’t save themselves. The fast ones can’t run fast enough to get away from me. The best warriors will be running away naked.


Hear what the Lord has told you, O Israel, the Lord’s only special family in all the countries in the world.




Since you are My special ones, I will spank you for the bad stuff you do.



I don’t do anything without telling My servants about it first.



The lion has roared, who isn’t scared? The Lord talks and how can the ones who hear not tell his words.


Tell in the palaces and in the mountains the great trouble because they do not know how to do right.

They pile up lots of trouble for themselves by doing lots of trouble. An enemy will go around the land and ruin everything and I will break down their statues and places where the bow down to the bad ones. Their palaces for winter and summer and houses made of ivory will be all gone, says the Lord.

And you lazy women who press hard on the poor so you can lay around and drink wine, the Lord has promised by His specialness that He will take you away.



You just keep doing more and more bad stuff. I will make your teeth clean because you won’t have anything to eat.


I will stop the sky from clouds and rain. I will make it rain on one city but not the next one. People will wander from city to city to get a drink of water but it won’t be enough. They will still be thirsty because they won’t come back to Me, says the Lord.



I let things get old and rot in your gardens and vineyards.



When your fig trees and olive trees grow to be many I will send worms to eat them.

And your young men will go out to fight in battles and not come back home.

The One who makes the mountains and makes the wind and tells people what they are thinking, and makes the morning turn to dark night and walks on the tops of the high places of the world, the Lord, the God of all the armies of angels in heaven is His name.