Cry for sadness to the city were David lived. Let them make the offerings to the Lord that show His great love for us and cover our badness.





I will upset them and bring them down for their badness.


Many armies of bad ones will camp all around the city



and I will thunder from heaven with a great noise and a big storm and lots of fire,


                  shaking the whole world.


The Lord has closed your eyes so you can’t see and made you sleep.




Then I, the Lord, will do an amazing and wonderful thing.





Crying to the ones who try to hide their plans far away from God, thinking that He can’t see them.



Do you think the one who made you doesn’t know and see what you are doing?



But in just a little while the ones who ears can’t hear anything will hear the words of My book. The ones who can’t see, will see.





This will happen because the bad ones who trick everyone will be cut off and erased.



The ones who bow down to Me will just keep getting happier and happier.



When you see your children, the work of My hands, you will set Me high in your heart and honor Me the most in the world.



The ones who are always going down the wrong roads will see and learn to go the right way.