This is the heavy load that Isaiah told to the country of Moab because of all the bad stuff they did against the Lord.




Your country will be empty and quiet and ruined in the nighttime.



You will howl for sadness and pull out your hair and wear itchy clothes and be very sorry and cry a lot.





Even the soldiers will howl, crying a lot. Their life will be very hard.





The Lord says, My heart will be very sad and cry out for them.



People run away from their own country and are very sad as they go.



Everything will be empty and dry with no green thing growing.





The waters will be full of blood because of all the hurt they did.

I will send lions to chase down the ones that run away and on all the ones who stay in the land called Moab.




The daughters of Moab are like a bird wandering away from its nest.




Hide them, and do not tell where they are hiding.







Help my people in Zion as much as you can.





And let my outcasts stay with you, country of Moab.




Be a hiding place for them.




Rulers are set forever in the Lord’s great kindness and love.




Bad ones will be taken out of the land.





We heard how puffed up Moab was. They were puffed up very high.





Now they are struck down and sad. The fields are tired and the grapes fade away.


I will cry loud and weep with them. I will water your dryness with My tears, says the Lord God who made them.




No one will be singing and shouting because there are no grapes to make wine.




My tummy is very upset for Moab, says the Lord God.



When he gets tired of all the empty stuff and the hard stuff he will pray about it, but that won’t help.



The Lord says, By the end of three years all the good stuff of Moab will be ruined




and there will only be a few people left who are tiny and very weak.