When it comes to the end times of the days of the world the Lord will make His mountain the highest in the world and put His house on top of it, higher than all the other hills and mountains.




Then all the people from all the nations will go there. They will say, Come on, let’s go up to the mountain of the Lord, to His house



and He will teach us the way He wants us to live and we will do it.






His words will go out from Jerusalem.



And He will be the judge over all the nations and make them be fair and do right.




Men will make their swords into clippers to trim plants and hooks to trim the trees.



The nations won’t go out to fight each other anymore.





O God’s people, come walk in His light and follow His ways.



Lord, You turned away from Your people because they turned away from you and followed the bad ones.




Their land is full of silver and gold. There is no end to their treasures and horses and chariots.




Their land is full of statues that aren’t God but something man’s hands made.


Go find a place in the rocks to hide from the glory of the Lord and His great brightness because He will come and stop all the puffed up ones.



The Lord is the only one who will be lifted up the highest. All the puffed up ones will be brought down low.


All the statues will be all gone and men will go hide in the caves and rocks when the Lord comes back because of His great brightness.


The world will shake really big and stuff will fall down.





Stop following and leaning on man who is weak, why do you trust him who is like you with his breath in his nose,




instead of leaning on the God who made us






and gives us every breath we breathe.