The Lord told Isaiah to tell the people, there will be trouble like I said because you turned your backs to me and wouldn’t listen to My words.



But the people who walk in darkness will see a great light. On the ones who walk in the shadow of trouble, light will shine on them.



There keep being lots and lots more people but they aren’t more and more happy.


It is all confused and full of hurt, but a special child is born to us, a son given to us from God above and He will be in charge over everything.





His name will be Wonderful,





the Guide who listens and shows the right way,






and the Strongest God,





and the always there for us Father,





and the Prince of quiet in the world






and in our hearts.




His nation will just keep on getting bigger and bigger forever and ever ruling from where king David sat.





He will make everything in life fair and right for everyone from then on and forever.


The puffed up ones say, the bricks of the city fell down but we will build them up ourselves and we will make it even better. We will cover it with the cedar wood that smells so good.

But the Lord will send enemies because He is so angry that they won’t listen to Him and do right.



He spanks them but they keep on doing bad. So He will have to cut them off. He will do it in one day.



The leaders are making the people do the bad stuff and they will be taken away.



The Lord doesn’t have any fun in His people because they all do bad and say silly things.



Their badness burns like a fire and will eat up all the badness.


They will be crying and upset who make bad rules that take away the stuff of the poor and the women with no husbands to help and protect them.




What will you do when God comes to see you about this bad stuff you are doing? Who will help you then since you turn away from your Helper.



So I am sending a fierce nation to be my switch to spank My people.





I will have to punish that king too because his heart is puffed up and he thinks he is so great because of what I do. He thinks it is him.







Can the stick raise up against the hand that shakes it?

Under the greatness of all the big rulers the Lord will be a fire and His Holy One a flame that will eat up all them with their badness.

Only a few people will be left and they won’t lean on the bad king anymore but will come back to the mighty God who made them.




After just a little bit, I won’t be upset anymore.





I will lift off the heavy loads that the people have been made to carry.






My Spirit will take away the heavy loads.






   And the puffed up ones




won’t be in charge anymore but will bow down to the Lord their God




and listen to Him.