The Lord said to Jeremiah, Even if Moses and Samuel stood in front of Me I could not like these people.

You have left Me and went after the bad ones for a long long time so I will bring the trouble you make back on your own heads and throw you away.



But it will be happy and good for the ones who stay with Me. I will make even the bad ones be good to you.


Oh Lord, you know me, said Jeremiah. Think about me and come to help me and stop the bad ones who are hurting me.




I found your words and ate them and they made my heart really happy.



I sat all by myself because You showed me what they were doing and I got real upset.




Why won’t it stop hurting?


Then the Lord said, If you come back to Me, then I will bring you back to the special land again and you will stand in front of me.



Take the good ones from the bad ones and say what I tell you. Let them come back to you but don’t go to them.




I will make you like a wall made of brass.




I am with you to save you and guard you from them, says the Lord.




I will bring you back from the scary ones.

The Lord told Jeremiah, Don’t get a wife here or have babies in this place because bad things will happen to the children in this place.



Do not be sad about it because I take back my special quietness from here.



The important ones and the not important ones will all die here and no one will be sad or care about it.


Don’t go to their parties or to eat or drink with them because I’m going to stop all the fun and laughing and the getting married.

When you tell the people this and they ask why I’m doing it, tell them its because they turned away from me and bowed down to the bad ones, My enemies that hate Me.



I will throw you away into a land you don’t know where you will bow down day and night to the bad ones.


The days come when you will say the Lord lives who brought us from this other land and all the places where we went.






I will send men to bring you all back home to Me.



My eyes see everything they do.


I will put it back on you two times because you made My special land very dirty with all these statues you bow down to.




O Lord, You make me strong




You are where I hide when the trouble comes.



All the countries of the world will come to You and say, Our fathers only gave us lies and empty stuff that didn’t help us.



Can man make a god? They are not gods but just lumps of wood.



I will make them know how strong I am and know that I am the One who makes everything





and holds up and does everything.