Sing a sad song about how the Lord’s city was full of happy people and now she is empty. The other countries held her high and brought her presents, but now she is the lowest and has to give money to other countries.


Her cheeks are wet with tears every night. All her friends tricked her and stole her stuff and hate her and hurt her.




She isn’t pretty any more but tired and dirty. No one patted her and made her feel better.



The Lord did right because we ran away from Him and did bad stuff.


See all the bad ones who do stuff to us because we were bad. O Lord, do it back to them.





The Lord had made the beauty of Jerusalem as high as the heaven but now threw it to the ground.




He was so mad it burned like fire.

He stopped all the parties at His house and took His house away. He hated it because no one tells His right words there, the right words that help people.




I am a man who saw much trouble from the Lord’s spanking. I saw so much trouble that I forgot to lean on the Lord.


But I still remember and it makes my heart not be puffed up, that He is the One who keeps us going every day.


His special love holds us up. It is new every morning. His help to us is a high as the heavens.





He is what I want and I will lean only on Him.





He is good to the ones who lean on Him.

It is good to get your spankings when you are little so you will have lots of good stuff when you are older that lasts for always.



It is good to sit quiet in your heart in front of the Lord because He won’t throw us away.



He doesn’t want to spank us, but His spanking keeps us off the roads of the bad ones that lead us into trouble and the lake of fire forever.




Why do we get upset when we get trouble for the bad stuff we do?




I cry a lot. You hear my voice and come close to me, O Lord.



You have seen the trouble that I didn’t deserve and will get them back for it.



All the beautiful gold in the Lord’s house is all dirty and all the beautiful sons of Jerusalem are tired and hungry.



Remember, O Lord and think about all the fun they made of us,




and how they took all our stuff.




We even had to pay for a drink of water and wood to make our fire.





We work real hard and don’t get any rest.




Our dancing turned to sadness and the crown fell off our head.

But You, O Lord last forever and ever and will always be sitting on Your throne of the heavens.