The word came from the Lord to Ezekiel saying, Set your face to Jerusalem and its special places and tell My words against the land of Israel,


And tell them, This is what the Lord says, Look here, I am against you. I have pulled out My sword and will go out against the bad and the good, everyone.




A sword, a sword, sharp and polished to shining.


Cry and howl really loud because terrible things are coming on the princes. You make your bad stuff to be remembered.


You bad princes will be stopped. Take off His crown. Put down the high one and lift up a low one.


Show this city all its bad stuff. They make many people bleed. They don’t hold high their Dad and Mom. They make trouble for kids without Dad’s and ladies whose husbands have died.


You take money to hurt and kill people. You tell lies to kill people and take their stuff. You bow down to bad ones, the Lord’s enemies.


So I will drive you away from My special land to all the countries of the world.




Then you will know that I am the Lord.


You are so dirty that I will clean away all the dirt and bad stuff. Then you will know that I am the One who controls everything.


The ones who are to tell My words make plans to hurt My people and take their stuff. They don’t do any of My rules. They don’t fix anything or make it better.

I looked for just one man who is doing right to step in between us and pray for them but couldn’t find anyone. So I will put all their bad stuff back on their heads.


The Lord gave more words to Ezekiel for the people that said, There were two ladies, both with the same Mom.




They turned away from Me and did bad stuff in Egypt, bowing down to bad ones and loving ones who hate the Lord.




They were Mine, but they wanted everyone except Me.

So I will lift up all the stuff they love over them and show them that it is nothing. It can’t make them happy. They will do back on them what they are doing so they will know that it is bad and empty.


One of the ladies did bad and then the other one saw it and thought the bad stuff was ok and did much more bad.



They forgot Me and filled My house with yukky bad stuff that stinks to Me. I will stop all their badness and teach the rest not to do bad.


The Lord told Ezekiel, write down what day this is because today the king of Babylon set his mind come to take Jerusalem for himself.


Tell this story to the people, Set on the cooking pot and pour water into it. Put the best parts of the food into it and cook it real good


Because bad things are coming to this city that won’t be made clean. Her badness won’t be covered up. Let the cooking pot get real hot until all the badness is gone and it is real clean.




She made herself real tired trying to be happy with all this bad stuff.




When I do these signs they will know that I am the Lord.

The Lord told Ezekiel, Set your face against the people in the country of Ammon and tell them to listen to what I say about it:

Because you were happy when I spanked My people and made My house empty, I am going to give you to be captured by men from the east country.

They will come here and put their tents here in your country and eat your food. Then you will know that I am the Lord, the only God.





And I will spank the people of the country called Moab


and then they will know that it is Me, I am God the Lord who made and is over everything.


And I will spank the people of the country of Edom because they hurt My Judah. I will cut off the people and the animals and make it empty. They will know what it feels like when I spank them.

And because the people in Philistia hurt my people with a big hate in their hearts from a very long time ago, I will cut them off clear to the sea with a great and angry spanking and then they will know that I am the Lord when I spank them.

In the 11th year it happened that the word from the Lord came to Ezekiel saying, Tell the best store in the world, called Tyre, that I am against her and will ruin her because she said that My people are broken.



I will bring many countries against you like the waves breaking on the seashore.


They will break your walls and your towers and sweep everything away and you will be like the top of a rock washed clean of everything.



A big king will come from the north with horses and chariots who will break down your walls and trample your streets.



The will steal all your gold and silver and jewels and shiny clothes.

And all the princes from the sea will take off their royal robes and sit on the ground and sing a sad song about how you are ruined and swept away to nothing.


Great waters will wash over you and I will sweep you down to the pit and lay you in the deepest parts inside the earth.


And I will set glory in the land of the living but you will be like a terrible monster and no one will find you anymore, says the Lord God.