The Lord told words for the people to another man whose name was Zechariah after the people were back in God’s special land for them.



He said, The Lord has been really upset with your fathers. But you, children, turn back to Me and I will turn back to you, says the Lord of all the armies of angels in heaven.

Don’t be like your fathers who wouldn’t listen to Me. Turn away from all the bad stuff. Didn’t it all happen to them like I said? So you should listen to Me.


I put the bad stuff back on the ones that do bad and the good stuff on the ones that listen to Me and do what I say.

Then later the Lord showed Zechariah something special. It was nighttime and Zechariah saw a man riding a red horse sitting at the bottom of the valley in the myrtle trees.

Behind the man were some red horses and some speckled horses and some white horses. Zechariah asked the angel of Lord, What are these horses for?



The angel that talked with Zechariah told him, These are the ones the Lord sent to walk around all over the world stopping all the bad stuff and making everything quiet and still and resting.


The horses came back and told the Lord, We have gone all over the world and it is still and quiet and resting.

Then the angel of the Lord talked to the Lord and said, How long will it be until you show your special love again, O Lord, to Your city of Jerusalem and the other cities in Judah that you were mad at for all these 70 years?






The Lord told the angel good and soft words that made the angel feel better.


The angel told Zechariah, Yell out loud that the Lord wants Jerusalem and Zion for Himself very, very much.



The Lord says He is very upset with the ones who turn their back on Him and hurt his people. They made much more bad for everyone.

But tell My people that they will be so full and happy with My good stuff that they have to spread out everywhere.




The Lord, He will make it better and take all the hurt away and make them very happy again. He still wants you.




Then Zechariah looked up and saw for horns.

He asked the angel that talked with him, What are these horns for? Then angel told Zechariah, These are the countries and leaders that hurt and scattered My people everywhere.



Then the Lord showed Zechariah four builders. And Zechariah asked the Lord, What are these doing? The Lord told him, These have come to cut off the horns so they won’t have any power anymore to hurt My people.

Then Zechariah looked and saw a man with a measuring line in his hand.


Zechariah asked the man, Where are you going? And the man said, To see how big Jerusalem is. How long it is and how wide it is.



The angel that talked with Zechariah went out and another angel met him and said, Run, tell this young man, Jerusalem will have lots of people living in it and won’t need any walls to protect it because the Lord will keep it safe.

It will be full of people and their animals because the Lord says to her, I will be a wall of fire around her and special brightness inside her.



Come, Come all My people and run back from the land of the north country, says the Lord.


I spread you out all over like the four winds of the heaven, says the Lord. Save yourself and come back from Babylon.

Because this is what the Lord of all the armies of the angels of heaven says: After the special brightness He sent me to the countries that took your stuff and said, Whoever touches My people touches the very center of My eye.

I will shake My hand on them and they will be taken captive, them and all their stuff; and they will know that it was the Lord.


Sing out loud because you are so happy, O daughter of Zion because I am coming to live in the middle of you.




And many countries will come to be joined to the Lord with you on that day.

They will be the Lord’s people and He will live in the middle of them and you will know that it is the Lord who did it.



The Lord will take Judah for His special, special land and He will choose Jerusalem again.




Be quiet everyone, all people everywhere,



because He is getting up from His place and coming here to be with us.