The words from the Lord God that He gave the people through Jeremiah:




Before I made you in your mommy’s tummy I already knew you




and picked you to tell My words to the countries of the world.



Then Jeremiah said, Ah, Lord God, I can’t tell your words, I’m just a child.


But the Lord said to Jeremiah, Don’t say that you are a child because you will go all the places I send you and say what I tell you.




Don’t be scared of their faces because I am with you.


Then the Lord put out His hand and touched Jeremiah’s mouth and said, Look, I just put My words in your mouth.


And see this, Today I put you over the nations and kingdoms of the world to plant and build them or bring them down.




Then the Lord said, Jeremiah, What do you see?


And Jeremiah said, I see an almond tree. Then the Lord said, that’s right. It’s an almond tree because I will do quick what I say.


Then the Lord said to Jeremiah, What do you see? And Jeremiah said, I see a boiling pot that faces to the north.

Then the Lord said, That’s right, Out from the north country is coming much trouble putting the bad stuff on the bad ones in My nation who have turned their backs to Me and bowed down to other gods and say ahh at the stuff their own hands have made.




Be strong and tell them everything I say. Don’t be scared of their faces.

I make you into a strong fort against their badness. They will fight against you but they won’t win because I am with you to save you, says the Lord.

Then the Lord said, Jeremiah, Go shout to the people in Jerusalem and tell them, This is what the Lord says, I remember how sweet your love was to Me when you first knew Me in the wilderness.




You are Mine and anything that hurts you is hurting Me too.



Listen, all of you, what have you found that is wrong with me that you went to follow all this empty stuff.




I brought you up out of Egypt with many strong signs





and through the awful wilderness




into this good land full of everything you want and need.




Why is no one looking for me?




So I will have a talk with you about this.


Do the other nations switch to other gods? But My people have traded My great power and shiny brightness for ugly and empty stuff.



Be amazed and upset O heavens and very afraid because My people did two bad things.


They left the fountain of pure cold water and tried to get a drink out of a jagged broken cup full of dirty poo.




Your badness will spank you




because you don’t hold Me up high in your life.




You threw away My good rules.




I planted you like a high good vine but you turned into a sick one.


I wash you and wash you and wash you but you won’t get clean. And you say that you haven’t done anything bad.




You say to a rock,




You are my father that made me.




And with all my spankings



your children still don’t come back to Me so that I can make them live well and happy.



 You put on pretty jewels and perfumes to try to be loved by yukky bad ones 





when I love you with all My heart.




What you are doing won’t work at all.