The Lord God showed Obadiah something about the land of Jacob’s brother, Esau.


Someone is sent to the people who turn away from the Lord to say, Get up and go fight against the land of Jacob’s brother, the land of Edom.



The Lord makes you little in all the countries of the world and no one likes you.



You were tricked in your heart because you were so puffed up and thought so much about yourself and thought nothing about the Lord.




You say, I am so big and live up so high. No one can come up here and get me.



But even if you make yourself high as the eagles flying in the heavens, I will bring you down says the Lord.




Not one grape will be left of all that you have. Every treasure will be found.




People you thought were your friends will come and take everything.





All your smart ones who tell you what to do will be gone.



All this will happen to you because you were so mean and hurt Jacob, your brother, so much.



When they were having trouble you went and helped the ones hurting them.

You shouldn’t go to hurt them in the day they were already having trouble. Then you went in and took all their stuff.

And you stood on the road and captured the ones trying to run away from the trouble and then you gave them to the bad ones.



The day for the Lord to pay back bad for all the bad everyone did is coming close. They will be swallowed up and disappear if they don't turn back to him.

But on the mountain of Zion the people will be saved and set right and do right. They will keep their land and all their stuff.



The family of Jacob will be like a big fire in all the nations that burns up all their bad stuff. This is what the Lord said and it will happen.


All the land of the bad ones will be taken to keep by the children of the Lord.

Heroes will come up on mount Zion to tell the judgment of the family of Esau, Jacob’s brother.




And the kingdom will be the Lord’s.