Words came from the Lord to Ezekiel that said, Tell the talkers, the ones who tell My word to the people, Big crying to the ones who tell what’s in their own hearts and say its what I said.


You are like foxes in the desert. You have not built up the broken places in the walls to keep My people safe when then enemies attack them.




What you are seeing in your hearts and telling the people are empty lies. So I am against you.



You will be left out of My people and you will know that I am the Lord.




You tricked My people telling them it would be good and quiet when it won’t be good and quiet.


The wall was falling down and you put more bricks and glue in it that will fall down too. It is going to fall over big.


And you women who are tricking people to get them to go after you, you are capturing their souls for yourself when they are Mine.





You tell them stuff that makes them dirty.




I will tear off everything you are using to trick them.



You tell people they will be ok and their life will be good when they are still doing bad stuff.


You make sad the hearts of the ones who do what I say. I only want them to be happy.


Don’t tell any more empty stuff. I will save My people from you and you will know that I am the Lord.

Then the princes and leaders of the people came to Ezekiel and sat in front of him. And words came from the Lord for them that said, These men have put up statues of bad ones in their hearts and then they trip over them.



Do you think that I will tell them anything?

They are far from Me because their heart is too full of this bad stuff. I am against everyone who does this and will bring it back on him




and cut him off and you will know that I am the Lord.




I will spank that ones who does it and will spank the one who follows after that one.




That way the people of Israel will stay close to Me and be clean





and they will be Mine and I will be theirs.

The Lord told Ezekiel, When the land turns away from me and then I spank them by taking away their food, Even if Noah, Daniel, and Job were there, I would only save those three who followed Me and not the ones who turn away from Me.

If I bring lions and tigers and elephants through the land to spoil it and make it empty because of the bad the people do, I promise you, that even if Noah, Daniel, and Job were there I would only save them and not the ones doing bad.



If I bring raiders with swords into the land to kill the bad ones, even if these three best ones of Mine were there, I would only save them and not the bad ones.


If I send lots of bugs and diseases into My land to eat up all the bad ones, even if Noah, Daniel, and Job were there, I would only save them because they are right with Me.

When all these bad things happen, I will save a handful of the people and when you see what they are doing, you will know that it was a good and right thing that I did, says the Lord.





The Lord asked Ezekiel, What good can a stick of the vine tree do if it’s all burned up? Can it make grapes?



That is what Jerusalem is to Me because of all the bad things they do following the bad one.


I will set My face against them. They will run away from one fire and I will burn them up with another.


And you will know that I am the Lord. I will make this land empty because of the bad they do, says the Lord God.


Make Jerusalem know the big yukky stuff they do. This is what the Lord God says to Jerusalem. You were born from the lowest and worst of people.





And when you were born they hated you and threw you away outside on the ground.


When I went by and saw you there naked and not even washed after you were born, and I said to you, Don’t die little one, Live.




I picked you up and wrapped you in My beautiful new robe and carried you to My house.




I fed you the best food and made you grow up very beautiful.




When I saw you were all grown up I took you to be My bride and we promised each other to love only each other.



I brought you the most beautiful clothes of gold an silver and fine linen and silk and put on you the most beautiful jewels and bracelets on your hands and chains for your neck.


I put earrings for your ears and a jewel on your forehead and a beautiful crown on your head. Everyone in the world talked about your great beauty.


But then you saw how beautiful you were and quit loving me and loved only yourself and everyone who would look at you.


And you took all the beautiful things I gave you and gave them to the bad ones, the ones who hate me.


You even took our little ones, our sons and daughters, and gave them to the bad ones.




So I will make it all ugly and take it all away and burn it with fire




because you are Mine, I want you only for Me.

You didn’t remember how I found you when you were alone and dying, and took you home with Me and cared for you and made you beautiful and I made you Mine. You did worse than all other ones.


You will have to be embarrassed and get back on you the bad stuff you did so you will remember and not go the bad ones anymore because they are dead and take you with them to death.



Then you will be quiet after you have been embarrassed





and will stay with Me where it will always be good for you, says the Lord God.