The Lord told Ezekiel, Talk My words against the land of Gog and tell them, This is what the Lord God says, I am not for you. I will turn you back and leave just a small part of you.

I will hit the bow out of your hand. You will fall down on the mountains of Israel and not get back up. The birds and animals will eat you because you are not for Me who made you and you come to hurt My people.


Then all the countries will know that I am the Lord God when I do this.



They will burn all your swords and spears and bows and arrows. It will take 7 years to burn all the stuff you brought to My country to hurt My people.




I put My shiny brightness with all the people of the world who don’t know Me.


Then the house of Israel will know that I am the Lord for the rest of the days and they will know they were captured because of the bad stuff they did.



I will bring them back and put My special love on them.




I will pour My Spirit on the whole house of Israel.




Then the hand of the Lord was on Ezekiel and picked him up and took him to the land of Israel on a high mountain, to look at the city and the Lord’s house.



He saw a man there counting the size of the city and of the temple. There was a big, good wall around it with a good gate and porch.

There was a big yard and rooms on the side to store all the food and treasures of the Lord, the presents people brought to him because they love Him.



The house has beautiful windows and the courtyard has arches with palm trees and tables for food.


Then the Lord showed Ezekiel the exact inches for inside the Lord’s special house for Him in the middle of His city.



He showed the exact inches inside the doors and rooms and stairs winding up.

The front of the temple looked toward the East with walkway and galleries to stand and look at things and narrow windows in the three stories.



Cherubim and palm trees were carved on the walls.

There was an altar of wood, the table for the Lord, and two doors that folded that had cherubim and palm trees carved on them.


The outer court toward the north had three galleries on the three stories and smaller upper chambers where the Lord told Ezekiel that the priest will eat the special food.





They will have special rooms to lay the special clothes they will wear when they are at the Lord’s special house.

The shiny brightness of the Lord filled up the earth and the Spirit took me to the inside court and to shiny brightness of the Lord went in through the East gate and filled up the house.


Ezekiel heard the Lord talk to him and told him, This is the place my feet will walk on when I live in the middle of the children of Israel.



They won’t make my place dirty anymore with their statues of bad ones or any of the bad stuff they do.



They won’t put the graves of their kings close to My house anymore either.



Show them how special this house will be so they will be embarrassed and stop doing the bad stuff.

They will show my special love on the altar and make it clean. And they will do it My way and I will like it and like to have them here with Me.

Then the Spirit of the Lord took Ezekiel back out and he saw that the East gate was shut and the Lord said, This gate will be kept shut because the Lord came through it.


The princes will sit here and eat the food from the Lord and will go out the porch gate, the same gate he came in, but not this one.





The Lord told Ezekiel to remember everything so they could do it just right.




Enough of this hateful stuff, O house of Israel.




You bring foreigners into My special place who don’t know Me. And they do their dirty stuff here.



And My ones who do it the wrong way, they can be here and do some work, but they can’t do the special stuff.

But the ones who listen and stay close to me will be My special ones and I will be special to them.