Hear the words of this sad song against you, O family of Israel: The pure one fell down and can’t get up again. There used to be a thousand and now just a hundred. There used to be a hundred and now just 10.


The Lord God says, Look for me and you will live. Don’t go to the other places. They are nothing. Look only for the Lord and you will live.



Look for the One who made the stars and pictures of stars in the sky




and makes the night into day and then the day into the night



and who calls for the waters of the sea to make clouds and pour down rain on the ground. The Lord is His name.




The One who makes us strong against the ones who come to hurt us.

I know the bad stuff you do. You walk all over the poor people. You will plant lots of grapes but won't get to drink wine.

Hate the bad stuff and love what is good and do the right thing and the Lord will pour out His special love on the ones who are still here.


Don’t want the day to come soon when the Lord spanks because that will only make it worse. Like if you run away from a lion right into a big bear.




The day the Lord spanks is dark and not light.

The Lord says, I hate the parties you have for Me. I won’t come to them. They are noisy and you are just there for yourself, you don’t come to see Me.



I’m going to let you be captured by your enemies.



Much sad crying will be to the ones who don’t follow the Lord.



You lay down on beds of ivory and eat the yummiest foods




and sing lots of pretty songs




and drink bowls full of wine



and hurt people to get what you want.





You will all be taken far away.


The Lord has promised by all His bigness that He hates all this, the big beautiful palaces and all this doing wrong stuff.

You are so happy with stuff that is nothing so I will make it all nothing, says the Lord God who is boss over all the armies of angels of the heavens.


You will have trouble and be wiped away from one end to the other, to the river of the wilderness.