The Lord showed Amos as He made grasshoppers at the beginning of the growing time and they ate up everything that grew.


When Amos saw it he said, O Lord forgive, please. This family of Yours, Jacob, is too little.



So the Lord stopped and didn’t make the grasshoppers. But the Lord sent a fire then to stop the bad stuff.


And Amos said, O Lord stop. Jacob, Your people, is so small. So the Lord stopped and didn’t do that either.

Then the Lord showed Amos a measuring line and said to him, Amos, what do you see? And Amos said, A measuring line to measure the wall.


I won’t stop anymore. I will measure out bad on the ones doing bad. I will get up and stop this bad king.



Then the king tried to kill Amos, and then the king told Amos to run far away because the king didn’t like these words from the Lord. He said, These words are too heavy for this land.




The kings said, Don’t say anymore against this land.

So Amos told the king, Your wife will go to lots of other men in the city and sons and daughters will be chased by the sword and your land be split up and given away. You will die in a dirty place and Israel will be captured and taken far away.

Then the Lord showed Amos a basket full of the fruits of summertime, and said, Amos, What do you see? Amos said, A basket of summer fruit.




The Lord said, I won’t pass over the sins of My people anymore.



The songs of the temple will be like a wolf howling they will be so sad.




They eat up the poor people and can’t wait to cheat people and can’t wait to do bad.


The Lord promised by how special He is that He won’t forget any of their bad stuff. You sell the poor people for silver and the ones who don’t have enough, for a pair of shoes and sell the dirt you sweep up in with the food.


The land shakes for how bad you are. I will cause the sun to go down at lunchtime and make a pretty day real dark and I will turn your parties to crying. All your songs will be so sad.


You will wear itchy rags and your hair will fall off until you are bald.

You will wander from one sea all over the land to the other sea to try to find words from the Lord but won’t find them. You will fall and not be able to get up.


Amos saw the Lord standing on the altar and the Lord said, Hit the door and the posts will shake. Even the ones that run away won’t be saved.



Even if they dig down to hell to hide from Me, I will find them.

If they hide on the top of the highest mountain, I will find them. If they hide in the bottom of the sea I will send a sea serpent to bite them because of all My little ones that they hurt.




When the Lord God touches the land it melts.



It is the Lord who builds the top of His house in the highest part of heaven.



He calls for the waters of the seas and pours them down on the face of the ground. The LORD is His name.




Didn’t I bring Israel out of Egypt?


Look at this! The eyes of the Lord are watching the kingdom full of badness to wipe it away off the world. But He will keep some of the family of Jacob, says the Lord.




I will sprinkle the family of Israel all over the nations of the world. And in this I will not lose even one of them.



All the bad ones of My people will be cut down with the sword who say that you can just do bad and won’t get spanked.




I will set up and build the family of David again like in the old days.




They will have and be king over all the ones who turn away from Me, says the Lord who does all these things.

The days are coming when the man who plows the ground will catch up with the one who is still gathering the last crops because there are so much food.


Sweet wine will drop down from the mountains making the hills melt.

I will let loose My captured people and bring them home to My special land and they will build the cities that were ruined and live in them and plant vineyards and drink the wine and make gardens and eat the fruit they grow.

I will plant My people in their land and they won’t be pulled up from there anymore from the land I gave them, says the LORD your God.