Then the Lord showed Zechariah the high priest. The priest was standing in front of the Lord and the baddest one was standing there trying to stop the priest from talking to the Lord and doing what the Lord said.




The Lord said to the bad one, Stop! Go away! This is the city I choose to live! And isn’t this priest is one I saved out of the fire?




The priest’s clothes were very dirty and he stood there in front of the Angel. The Lord said, Take away these dirty clothes and put new clean ones on him.



The Lord said to the priest, I took all the bad stuff you did far away from you. You are new now just like you never did bad stuff.



So they put a beautiful crown on the priest’s head and new clothes on him. And the Angel stood by him.

The Angel of the Lord said, If you will walk in My ways and do what I said, then I will put you in charge over all My house and My courts and I will have you be here with these other ones who stand by Me.

Listen and hear this what I say. Everyone will be amazed at them. I will send My servant who is called the Branch. Like the branch comes out as part of the tree, I send My One out as part of Me.



Look at the stone that I put in front of the priest. It has seven eyes.

I will write on it stuff that lasts forever, says the Lord of all the armies of angels in heaven.

I will take away all the bad stuff from My special land in one day. And everyone will call his neighbor to come and sit under his vine and fig tree.





The Angel came and talked with Zechariah again and woke him up from sleeping. He said, What do you see?

Zechariah looked and saw a candlestick all of gold with a bowl on top and seven pipes to seven lamps that were on the top and two olive trees were beside it, one on the right side and one on the left.


Zechariah asked, What are these, My lord? The angel said, Don’t you know what these are? Zechariah said, No, my lord.

The Angel told him, This is the Word from the Lord that says, Not by your own strength; not by your own power, but by My Spirit you will do everything.


The bad one is trying to keep you from building My house and trying to keep you from leading the people to follow My way. He stands in the way like a great high mountain.

He is the mountain that is here to try to keep you from doing what the Lord wants, but that mountain will be flat as a pancake. Because of the Lord’s special love for you called GRACE.

The prince who put the first stone on the bottom of My house will put in place the last stone on the top of My house. And you will know that the Lord of all the armies of angels in heaven is the One who sent me to help you.

Don’t hate how little it looks now. You will dance from being so happy when you seen him put that last top stone in its place. The seven eyes on the stone are the eyes of the Lord that run around across the whole world, seeing everything.

Then Zechariah asked, What are these two olive trees that stand by the gold candlestick? The Angel asked, Don’t you know what these are?




Zechariah said, No, my lord. Then the Angel told him, these are the two men that I put in charge over My people here, the prince and the priest.






They stand by the Lord of the whole earth.

Then Zechariah looked up and saw a scroll flying through the air. It was real long and real wide. The Angel told him it was a curse telling bad stuff going over the whole world against people who steal other people’s stuff. The curse goes into the house of the one who steals and it will stay in their house and eat up their house even the wood and the stones.

Then Zechariah saw a big basket with a woman sitting inside it and a heavy strong lid on it. The Angel told him, This is badness. Then Zechariah saw two women come with wind in their wings who came and lifted up the basket and took it back to the country where it started.



Then Zechariah turned and saw four chariots come out from between two mountains that were made of brass. The chariots had horses red and black and white and spotted ones.

The Angel told Zechariah, These are the four Spirits of the heavens that stand before the Lord of all the world. They go out over the world to quiet God’s Spirit.

Then the word came and told Zechariah to go to one of the men’s house to make silver and gold crowns to put on the heads of the prince and the priest. The man whose name is the BRANCH coming out from God Himself to be in charge over everything.  He will build the temple of the Lord and carry all God’s shiny brightness. He will be the priest and the king and do it all perfect.

Many will come from all over the world to build His temple. All the good things will happen if you listen real good and follow what the Lord says.

Some men came to pray before the Lord and asked, Are we still supposed to spend time crying in month 5 like we have been doing through all these years?

The Lord told Zechariah, Ask them if it was really to me and not just to show others how good you are being? And when you come to eat with me, aren’t you just eating only for yourself? Don’t just do it for show, so you look good but do it right, from your heart.

When you are the judge, do it right like I said. Be kind and love people and help them. Don’t press on people to take their stuff. Don’t make your heart hard or turn away from me. If you do that and you cry to me, I won’t listen. I scattered you with a whirlwind to strange nations and My special land was empty.

Later, another word came from the Lord to Zechariah, Tell the people, I want you for Myself really bad.  I have come back to live in the middle of you. Jerusalem will be called the true city where truth lives. People will live long and get really old here, says the Lord over all the armies of the angels of heaven.

I will bring back all my people from all over the world and I will be with them in the right way. Let your hands be strong to build My house. Everything will be good and the land will grow lots of food.

Don’t think up bad stuff about people in your hearts and don’t love bad rules. I hate that stuff. Let all your parties for me be happy and love what is right and quiet without trouble. Then everyone in every city will want to come to Me and be happy because they see that I am here with you.