This word of the Lord came to Zechariah telling about people in the countries around Israel when all the people of Israel are looking at the Lord. The countries who are smart and build high walls and forts and pile up silver and gold inside, the Lord will thrown them down.

The Lord will smack down their mighty power in the sea and burn them with fire. These mighty kings will disappear and no one will live there. The Lord will stop all the bad things they are doing and save some of the people for Himself.

The Lord will camp around His house because of the big army that is passing by. No bad ones will go through God’s country because He has seen them and He is watching.

Be real happy and jump for joy, O daughter of Zion because your King is coming to you who will make it better. He is the highest over everything but will come as a low one, riding on a colt and newborn donkey.

He will cut off all the war weapons and chariots and horses from Jerusalem and stop all the fighting in all the countries of the world and will be in charge from sea to sea and from the rivers to the ends of the whole world.

When the countries come to fight against this they will see the Lord over His people sending out His arrows of lightning. He will blow the trumpet and go out in the whirlwinds.

He will protect His people and save them and they will be like beautiful stones in His crown that He holds up high because His goodness is so big and his beauty is so big.

Ask the Lord to make bright clouds and send rain on the grass and fields of crops. The statues tell lies and wrong dreams and don’t help anyone to stop being afraid.

The leaders the Lord put in charge over His people made the Lord mad because they didn’t help the people.  His people will walk all over their enemies because the Lord is with them.

He will make them strong and bring them back to their home and put His special love on them and will hear and answer when the pray to him and they will be happy because He bought them back from all trouble.




He will bring them from everywhere they have been captured and there will be so many that there isn’t enough room for them.



He will strike down the bad ones and make the people strong in Him and they will walk around everywhere with God inside them, says the Lord.


O trees be sad because the fire burns you and the cedar trees fall and the rich people have all their stuff stolen. The lions roar because everything good is gone.

The Lord said, Feed them who are ready to be killed. So Zechariah fed the flock of the Lord’s people. The Lord will cut off three shepherds in one month because His soul finds them real yukky. He broke His deal with them because they broke it first. But some poor ones stayed with the Lord and looked to Him.

The Lord said, How much is my cost? And they gave 30 pieces of silver. They didn’t think the one who is worth everything was worth very much. The Lord said, Throw the silver away in the field of the one who makes clay pots.


The Lord said, Since they don’t want their good shepherd I will give them one who won’t look after the hurt ones but will tear them up. Then that shepherds arm will be dried up and his eye dark.

The heavy word from the Lord who stretched out the heavens and put down the ground of the world and shapes the spirit of each man inside him said, Look at this, I will make Jerusalem a big trouble that scares all the people of the world.



They will swarm around to take away My people but I will make their horses confused and the people blind.



My people in Jerusalem will say, The Lord is who makes me strong. They will be like a match to burn up all bad ones.



I will save the family of David first so the rest of the people won’t get puffed up against him. In that day the Lord will be a shield for the people in Jerusalem and the weakest man will be as strong as David.

The family of David will be like God, like the Angel of the Lord. I will pour out lots of My special love on them and they will be so sad that they turned away from Me in other times.


On the day when the Lord comes from heaven to be the King of the world,



a fountain will open that cleans away all the bad stuff in the house of David and Jerusalem.


The Lord will stop all the statues and bad ones and erase their names from the world. No one will remember them anymore. And any who follow the bad ones will be stopped by his Mom and his Dad.

The Lord struck the Shepherd in our place, and all His sheep were scattered around. Two parts will be taken away from the world and one part of the people will have all the badness burned away from them by the trouble.




Then the Lord will say, These are My people and the people will say, The Lord is our God.

This day is coming when all the countries of the world will surround Jerusalem to fight against her. Lots of bad stuff will happen.



But the Lord will go out and fight against those nations and save His people.

He will come from heaven and His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives and the mountain will split in two and one part will go to the north and the other part will go to the south, making a big valley. The people will run through the valley and escape all those armies of the countries.


It will be not dark and not light and then in the evening it will be light.




Waters that give life will go out from Jerusalem to the sea in front and the other way to the sea in back in summer and winter.

And the Lord will be the King over all the world, just Him. The land will flatten out for a very long way and raise up high above all the mountains of the world. God’s people will live there safely.

Here is what will happen to the men and horses that surround God’s city to wipe it off the world, the skin on them will dissolve and disappear, their eyes and their tongues and everything.

After that, the rest of the people in the world who are left from the countries of the world will go up to Jerusalem to bow down to the King and say that He is the best of all.



The countries that don’t go up to bow to the King, He won’t let any rain fall on their land.

And in Jerusalem there will be bells on the horses that say Most Special is the Lord.


Everyone will be full of the Lord’s special love and have lots and lots of good food to eat.




No more bad ones will be in the house of the Lord of all the armies of the angels in heaven.