The word came from the Lord to Ezekiel to tell the country of Tyre, the big beautiful store in the islands of the sea, You say you are the most beautiful.


You have benches made of ivory and beautiful cloth with rich pictures on it from Egypt.

People from everywhere bring you their best stuff to sell from all over the world. They bring it in ships to you: ivory and ebony, emeralds, and purple cloth for kings robes, the best wheat and honey, wine and white wool.



You have the best spices and all the precious stones and gold with chests full of rich clothes.



People sing about how rich your store is. All the people who bring their stuff to you to sell get very rich.



But you will be broken in the waters and all the sailors who bring you their stuff will be upset and crying.




They will pull off their hair and wear scratchy clothes because they are upset.


The people of the world will be amazed and afraid when they see what happens to you. You will be very scary and then you won’t be anymore at all.


Then the word came from the Lord saying, Tell the prince of Tyre, Because your heart is puffed up and you say, I am a god, I sit as god in the middle of the sea, but you are not god but just a man. But you set your heart as the heart of God.

You are wiser than Daniel. No secret was hidden from you. But you used your wise thoughts to get rich instead of doing what is right.


You will be brought down to the pit and die like one killed in the middle of the sea, because that’s what I say, says the Lord.



Then the Lord told Ezekiel, Sing this song about the king of Tyre. It says, You were the fullest, fullest of wisdom and beauty.



You were in Eden, the Lord’s garden.




You were in Eden, the Lord’s garden. You were covered with every beautiful stone, ruby and topaz, diamond and jasper, sapphire and emerald, and gold.





Your voice was the most beautiful to hear.



You were put in the holy mountain of God and ruled over all His leaders.


You were perfect in everything you did from the day you were made until a bad thing was found in you.



You filled yourself up with selling every good thing of the world and then you started hurting people.





So you were thrown out of the Lord’s holy mountain.



Your heart was puffed up because you were so beautiful to look at.




You turned your back on the Lord and tried to take His place.





You made your place so dirty with bad stuff.



So I will bring a fire out of the middle of you and it will eat you all up until you are only ashes for everyone to see.



The people who know you will be amazed and scared of you and you won’t be any more at all.


Also tell the island of Zidon that I am against you. I will show who I am in the middle of you and they will know that I am the Lord.


I will send sickness and bugs and fighting will be in her streets. Then they will know that I am the Lord.


Nothing will come to upset My people any more, all you who hate them. And they will know that I am the Lord God.


When I have brought back My people from everywhere they were taken, they will look real big and important to everyone.


They will live safe and happy and build houses and plant vineyards and have good lives when I spank the ones who hate them.




And they will know that I am the Lord their God.