In the 3rd year when Cyrus was king of Persia, the Lord showed something to Daniel that was true but for a time very far away.


Daniel had been quiet in his heart before the Lord for 3 weeks, not eating any yummy food or drinking any wine in that time.


He was standing by the river when he looked and saw a man dressed in linen with the best gold wrapped around his chest, standing on the water of the river.

The man’s body was like a precious jewel of beryl and his face looked like lightning. His eyes were burning like fire and his arms and feet were like polished brass.



The sound of his voice was like the voice of a huge crowd of people.

When Daniel saw the vision, the men with him didn’t see it. They were scared and started shaking and ran away


so Daniel was all by himself there by the river with the shiny bright man.

Daniel lost all strength and fell down asleep on the ground. The man’s hand touched him and set him on his hands and knees.

He said, O Daniel you are loved lots and lots. Know what this means that I tell you and stand up because I have been sent to tell you this.

Don’t be scared Daniel. From the first day you set your heart to be right before your God He has heard all that you said. I have come because of what you said.



But there was a bad prince over Persia that stood against me for 20 days until Michael, one of the first princes, came to help me.



Now I am here to make you understand what will happen to your people in the days far away from now in the last of the times.



Daniel was so weak from all this he couldn’t talk.




Then someone came again and touched Daniel to make him strong. He said, O Daniel you are greatly loved, don’t be scared. Be quiet in your heart and be strong.

He asked, Do you know why I have come? I will show you what is written in the words of truth. No one stands with me in these things except Michael, your prince.

Daniel was told, There will still be three more kings in Persia and the fourth will be much more rich than any of them. But his kingdom will be broken and divided into four parts.

The angel told Daniel the rest of the kings of the world before they come and what would happen to them. It was a lot of stuff and a lot of trouble because they don’t bow down to the Lord who made them, but puff themselves up.

It was the same kings that the Lord showed Daniel about before in the other dreams, but told in a different way so people could remember it and not turn away from the Lord.

The last king will be really bad and the Lord will let him be in charge for a little while so people can see how bad he is. He will do whatever he wants and will even try take over everything and to be the Lord God.



But his time will be over and no one will help him.


At that time Michael, the great prince who stands for the children of your people, will stand up. There will be a time of trouble worse than has ever been.


But then your people and all who trust the Lord (are written in the Lord’s book) will be saved from all trouble forever.

The dead ones will get up out of the ground to live forever, some of them held high in the Lord and some will be low and embarrassed forever.


The ones who hear and do what the Lord wants will shine as bright as the light and the stars forever and ever.

And you, Daniel, close the words of this book and put a seal on it because its for a time way far away when people will be rushing about everywhere and know lots of things.

Then Daniel saw two more special ones standing there, one on each side of the river. One of them talked to the man dressed in linen standing on the waters of the river when he held up his left hand to heaven and made a promise by the One who lives forever and ever that it will be 3 ½ years to finish all these things and fill up the power of the holy people.

Daniel heard the words they said, but didn’t understand what it meant, so he asked, O my Lord, what will be the end of all these things?




He told him, Go on and do your stuff Daniel because these words are shut up and covered until it is time when its all to be over.

Many will be cleaned and made pure and white but the bad ones will keep doing bad. None of the bad ones understand, but the ones who follow the Lord understand.

From the time that the biggest bad one stops the sign of the Lord’s love at His house and puts a statue of himself in the Lord’s house saying he is the lord, it will be 1,290 days.

The people who wait until 1,335 days will be really happy because that’s when the Lord will be here, making everything very good again.