In the 3rd year that Belshazzar was king, Daniel was at the kings palace and saw another thing with the eyes of his mind.

He was by the river and saw a ram with two horns that were real high but one was higher than the other.

The ram pushed to the north and south and no beast could stand in front if it. The ram beat them all. The ram did all it wanted to do and no one could stop it.

And while Daniel was thinking about this, a boy goat came from the west across the whole world not touching the ground with its feet. It had a huge horn between its eyes.

The goat ran at the ram and struck it down and broke its two horns. No one could save the ram from the goat.

The goat got bigger and better until it was very great. But when it was strong its horn was broken and the broken horn turned into four horns that went toward each of the four winds of heaven.


Then out of the four came a little horn that got really big and went to the south and the east and to the Lord’s special land.


It grew so tall even up to heaven and threw down some of the stars in heaven to the ground and stomped on them.

This horn even came at the prince of the armies of the heavens and took away the special sign of the Lord’s love for us and smashed the Lord’s house.


Everything right and true was stomped into the ground and the little horn kept going on and getting stronger.



Daniel heard one of the Lord’s special ones ask, How long will this happen that the house of the Lord is trampled on the ground.



The answer came back, 2,300 days will go by until the special place of the Lord’s house is made clean.


While Daniel tried to find out what all these things meant, a man came to stand in front of him be the river.


Daniel heard a voice saying, Gabriel, make this man understand what he saw.



Gabriel told Daniel, I will show you what will be at the last part of the Lord being angry for all the bad stuff.


The ram you saw with the two horns is the kingdom of Media and Persia. The goat is the king of Greece and the great horn between his eyes is the first king in Greece.

When his power is broken, four kings will take his place, splitting up the all land between them, but they won’t be as big or as great as the first one.


Then, at the end of times, when their kingdom all full of bad ones, a mean, mean king with a really scary face who says bad stuff will come.

He will be very strong, but by power from the bad one, and will do much bad stuff and get rid of the strong and special people of the Lord.

He will be only puffed up about himself in his heart and will talk only about making peace but will wipe out many people with his talk.


He will even stand up against the Prince over all the princes but he will be broken without anyone touching him.



What you saw is true, but put it away because it won’t happen for a long, long time.



Then Daniel was weak and sick from seeing this stuff. After a while he got better and got up and did his work for the king.

He was amazed about what he saw, but no one could understand it.

When Daniel was reading the books of the words that the Lord God had said to His people, Daniel came to see that the Lord’s people would stay captives in the land of Babylon for 70 years because the people didn’t let the Lord’s special land rest 70 times like the Lord had told them.

Daniel talked to the Lord and told Him all the bad stuff he did and the people did. He said, O Lord the great and awesome God who keeps his promise and His great love to the ones who love Him and do what He says.


We did bad in turning away from You and not hearing Your words. You did right and we and all the people in Your special land did wrong.


Please, I beg You, stop being mad at Your city Jerusalem, Your special mountain. Hear and forgive because Your love is so big.



While Daniel was still talking to the Lord, the angel Gabriel, who Daniel had seen at the start of the dream, came and touched Daniel in the evening.

Gabriel said, O Daniel, when you started praying I was sent to help you see because you are loved a lot. 70 groups of 7 years are set for your people and the holy city to finish the wrong stuff, and stop sin, and cover and take away the bad stuff you all did, and make everything right again, and make it all right forever, and do all the things that were told and put the most Holy One on the throne as king forever.

The clock of 70 x 7 years will start ticking when the king sends out his word to start rebuilding Jerusalem. It will be 70 x 7 years until Savior, the Prince will start being in charge.


After 62 of the 7 years times, the Savior, the Prince will be cut off (not for Him, but for the people) and the city and the prince of that time will ruin the city and the Lord’s house.


In the middle of the last 7 years that prince will stop all the good things at the Lord’s house until that bad time is all over.