The first year when Belshazzar was king of Babylon, Daniel had a dream and saw in his head when he was laying on his bed and then he wrote it down and wrote down what it told about.

At night Daniel saw four winds of the heavens battling on the great sea

and four great beasts came up out of the water of the sea. They were all different.

The first beast was like a lion but had eagles wings. And while he was watching the wings were plucked off and it was made to stand on its feet like a man and the heart like a man was given to it.

The second beast was like a bear and lifted itself up on one side and had three ribs in its mouth held between its teeth. And this beast was told, Get up and eats lots.

After this beast, Daniel kept watching and saw another beast come up out of the sea. It was like a leopard and had four wings like a big bird. This beast also had four heads. And it was give much power to be in charge over nations of the world.

Then after this, Daniel saw in the night visions, the fourth beast was terrible and amazing and very, very strong. It had great big teeth made of iron that chomped and smashed into pieces and then stomped on the countries with its feet. It was different from the other three beasts and had ten horns.

Daniel looked at the horns and saw another little horn coming up in the ten horns and pulled out three of the horns by their roots.

This little horn had eyes like a man and a mouth that said big things.

Daniel kept seeing it all until the ruling thrones, which the horns were, were pulled up and thrown away and the One who always was from the beginning sat on His ruling throne of all power.

His robe was as white as snow and the hair on his head like purest white. His ruling chair was fiery bright burning wheels.

A river of fire came out in front of Him and thousands and thousands stood with Him as his helpers and 10,000 times 10,000 stood in front of Him.

It was time for Him to tell what was right and what was wrong about everything from the beginning. They opened the books where it was all written down.

Daniel kept watching because of the big puffed up words the little horn said. This beast was killed and his body ruined and put in the big fire.


The rest of the beasts had their power and thrones taken away from them but they were kept living for one and a half years.

Then Daniel saw in his night visions and One like the Son of man came in the clouds of heaven and was brought to stand in front of the One who always was.


This One was given power and all countries to rule over them and be in charge over everything everywhere.

He was given big, big shiny brightness and all the people everywhere for always from every family and every country would bow down to Him.


He would always be in charge over the kingdoms of the world and always do it right.


Daniel was real sad and upset about all that he dreamed and went to one of the watchers who was standing there and asked him what was it all about.

The watcher told him, The four beasts are four kings that will be in charge over the whole world, but the people that turned back to the Lord and bow down only to Him will take the kingdom and keep it forever and ever.

Then Daniel asked the watcher about the last beast, the fourth one with the great big iron teeth and claws like brass, the horrible one that chomps everything and stamps it to pieces.



And Daniel asked about the ten horns and the little one that came up later, the horn that had eyes and said the puffed up words.

He made war against the people of the Lord until the One who always was from the beginning came and took the kingdom from the bad ones and gave it to the Ones of the Most High.

The watcher said, the last beast, the fourth kingdom of the world that is different from the other ones and breaks it all into pieces and says the puffed up stuff, he will wear out the people of God and change the times and laws.

But the judgment will sit and take this bad ones power away and the kingdom and greatness and power will be given to the people of the saints of the Most High.


His kingdom will last forever and be good and right, and all the countries of the world will bow down to Him.


Daniel kept these things in his heart and was upset in his heart and thinking about them.