The Lord told Jeremiah to tell Baruch, This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says to you: You said, I am so sad, the Lord has piled much sadness on me. I am so sad that I am too tired to rest.


The Lord tells you, I will break down what I made and pull up the plants I set in the ground, even all the people of this whole land.


Do you want to be great and do great things? Don’t want that because this is a time of too much trouble, says the Lord.




But I will give you your life for a present everywhere you go.



Bad things will be happening to everyone, but I will keep you safe.


The words that the Lord God told Jeremiah about the country of Egypt, they said, Polish your sword and put on your armor and pick up your shield



because I am bringing armies from other countries to fight you because of all your bad that you did.



They will try to stop it, but nothing will help. Nothing can cure them from this trouble.



Tell them, too, that Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, will come with his armies and strike the land.




Why are your strong warriors swept away like trash?




Because the Lord did not stand with them to help them.


As I live, says the King whose name is the Lord of all the armies of heaven, they will come and the land will be so ruined that no one will live there.



They have too many trees to count, but they will all be cut down.




The Lord of all the armies of the heavens, the God of Israel says,




I will spank all of them that trust in the bad ones.


I will give them into the hand of the ones who hate them, but after that, people will live there again like in the old days.

Don’t be scared, O my people who serve Me, don’t be upset and confused because I will save you from far away.


My people will come back from far away and rest in their special land I gave them and no one will make them scared anymore.



I will erase the bad ones that come after you but I will not erase you.

I will spank you a little so you will stay out of the bad stuff. I won’t let you get away with all the bad stuff you did. I will spank you a little bit.