The Lord God told Jeremiah to say this: Look, I will bring up a wind that will erase Babylon because they hurt My people.




I don’t let go of My people.


Run out of Babylon real quick, all My people because I am going to pay her back all the bad she did.





The Lord shows that we are right with Him.




Let’s tell all the good work He did.



The Lord who made the world by His power and smartness and spread out the heavens;




when He talks the sky fills with rain clouds and lightning.






He brings wind out of His treasure chest.



All men are not smart as this and the statues that they make and say are gods are just lies. They are empty and wrong.


But the One who is for Jacob is not like them because He made everything and they are what He wants for His own to keep.




The Lord over all the armies of the angels in heaven is His name.





He will break in pieces and erase every bad thing.

I am against you ones who ruin the earth. All the land will shake because I will do everything that I plan against the ones who are against Me, says the Lord of all.



When I do back on them the bad stuff they did to everyone,





then the world will sing.



But they will be so upset and will sleep and never wake up again.



O My people run away quick before I do all this on them, so you will be safe.


That is the end of the words that the Lord God who made everything told Jeremiah to tell all the people.



Before the Lord God spanked His city for all the bad and hurt they did, He gave them another last chance.



He put Zedekiah in charge as king over the people but they did bad on and on for eleven years before the Lord God spanked them.



He was very mad and threw them out of His special land.


And all the gold and silver in the Lord’s house was taken away to Babylon, all the decorations and beautiful stuff and the workers and soldiers in the city, 4,600 people.