After a while the king found out what the man said was true. Men came from another country and killed the king and stole away all the people.


But some soldiers had been out in the fields heard the bad stuff that happened and chased after the bad men.

When the people saw them coming they were real happy and ran over to be with them and the bad man who killed the king ran away back to his own country.


But now the people were afraid again of the king of Babylon because the one he put to be the king was dead.


Then all the leaders of the people came to Jeremiah and asked, Please pray for us that the Lord will show us what to do.




We will do whatever the Lord says if it is good or bad.

Jeremiah prayed and asked God for them. When the Lord told the answer, Jeremiah got the people together he told them what the Lord said.


The Lord told them, If you will stay in this special land I gave you, I will build you up and guard you and bless you.



Do not be afraid of the king of Babylon because I am with you to save you and keep you safe from him.




I will put my special love on you and be very good to you.



When the people heard it, they didn’t like it and said, We won’t do that! Were going to Egypt.

So the Lord told them, If you go back there I will be mad and bad things will chase you until you are gone because you said you would do what I said.

When Jeremiah was done telling the people the Lord’s words, then one of their leaders said, You are lying. God did not tell us not to go down to Egypt.




So the leaders took all the people and Jeremiah and went to Egypt.




They didn’t obey the Lord God.

When they got to Egypt the Lord told Jeremiah, Take these great big stones and hide them in the clay they are making bricks with because

I am going to take the king you are running away from, the king of Babylon, and bring him here and he will set his throne on these stones in the king of Egypt’s house and he will burn up all the gods they trust in. I will give this king of Egypt that you are thinking will keep you safe into the hand of the king of Babylon.


Tell My people, You watched all the bad that I did to Jerusalem, My city, because they didn’t listen to Me, but to the bad ones and then did bad stuff.






Even after I got up early each morning and sent good words to them to build them up.



And now you are making me mad by bowing down to the gods of Egypt and burning sweet smells to them.



I will turn My face against you for this, and bad stuff will happen to you like in My city Jerusalem.




But a couple of them will escape and run away back to Judah,




and they will see which one is true, you or Me.