The word from the Lord God that He told Jeremiah about the Philistines, Israel’s enemies: Waters are going to stand up high in the north country and flood over you, many mighty warriors.



You will howl and cry real loud when they come with many chariots and horses stamping their feet.




The Lord will take all their good stuff and their heads will be bald.

Then against the country of Moab the Lord said to Jeremiah, They will be upset and confused. No one will say good things about them anymore.




Crazy people will chase you with swords and take all your good stuff.






Run for your lives




because you trusted your treasures





and not your Maker.



Then you will be embarrassed about the empty statues you bow down to.





You were puffed up so fat.



Happy laughing is taken away from your fields because they will be empty.



And you will sing sad songs on the tops of your houses because you puffed yourself up against the Lord.





      You will run




but you won’t find any good place to hide.



Against the country of Ammon the Lord said, Doesn’t Israel have sons to inherit the land?


Why are you taking the land I gave them? I will stop this and make you scared, says the Lord over all the armies of the angels of heaven.




I will protect the children and widows that believe in Me.




I spanked My children when they did bad. Do you think I won’t spank you?



Soon My people will come back to see Me, says the Lord. They have been lost sheep without a shepherd.




They forgot to come rest on Me.





I will bring Israel back to her land




and let go of all her bad stuff and wash her clean.