This word came from the Lord to Jeremiah in the days when Jehoiakim was the king in Judah: Go to the family of Rechab and bring them to the Lord’s house and put wine in front of them for them to drink.


So Jeremiah brought the family of Rechab to the Lord’s house and he set bowl of wine and cups in front of them and told them to drink it.

But they wouldn’t drink the wine. They said, Our father Jonadab the son of Rechab commanded us never to drink wine or build houses or plant crops for food, but he said we were always to keep flocks and live in tents. So we have always obeyed what our father said and lived in tents and kept flocks for our living.


Then the Lord said, Go say to the men of Judah, The sons of Rechab always do what their father told them to, Why don’t you do what I say?

I am your Father and I rise up early and send word to you, but My people don’t listen to me. So I am going to bring back on you all the bad stuff that you do.

The Lord told Jeremiah, Go tell the family of Rechab, Since you do what your father said, You will always have sons that rule over everything with Me.

In the 4th year that Jehoiakin was king in Judah, The Lord told Jeremiah, Take a scroll to write a book and write in it all the words that I have told you against this people from when I first started talking to you.





The people may hear the bad stuff I plan to bring back on them and turn back to Me, so I can forgive them and erase their bad stuff.


So Jeremiah called a man named Baruch and Baruch wrote down all the words as Jeremiah told him all the words that the Lord God had said.


Then Jeremiah sent Baruch to read the words of the Lord to all the people in the Lord’s house because Jeremiah was still locked in the jail.


So Baruch went to the Lord’s house and read all the words the Lord God had said to Jeremiah for the people.


One of the princes of the people was there and heard the words so he went and told the princes at the king’s house.

They wanted to hear the words so they brought Baruch to the king’s house and he read to the princes and leaders of the people that sat there.




These princes sent Baruch and Jeremiah away to hide




and then they read the words to the king.

The king took the words written on the roll and threw them into the fire. The king and the men with him weren’t scared at all, but sent soldiers to look for Jeremiah to put him in jail.



The king’s soldiers looked everywhere for Jeremiah and Baruch but couldn’t find them





because the Lord hid them.



Then the Lord told Jeremiah, Get another roll of paper and write the same words again.

And then tell the king, Because you did this, I will cut off your ruling sons and none of them will ever be ruling on My throne in My country again forever.



And I will do all this stuff that I said, I will bring the bad stuff you do back on your own head.


So Jeremiah wrote the words again that the king had burned in the fire and added many more words like them.