Wake up and put on the Lord, your strong One; put on your most beautiful clothes because from now on no more bad ones will be with you.

Shake the dust off and take the rope off your neck because the Lord says, You sold yourselves for nothing and you will be bought back to Me without money.


My people were pressed in on very hard in the other countries. They were taken far away for nothing.





The ones who were boss over them made them howl and say bad stuff about Me everyday.




But My people will know what I am like and that it is Me talking to you.




With beautiful feet they walk on the mountains to bring good words peace and good things, that say,


Your God is now in charge over the world.





The men who are watching will lift up their voices and sing for they will see.




Let happy songs break out everywhere because the Lord has patted and made everything better for His people.




The Lord showed how strong His arm is to all the countries of the world.

All the ends of the world will see when God saves His people.



Go away, all you bad ones, get away from My people.




You won’t hurry when it happens because the Lord will go in front of you and He will also be the guard behind you.






Watch how smart My servant will do everything. He will be lifted up the highest, and highest words will be said about Him.



Many were amazed and upset at how much He had to pay to buy us back, more than anything ever.



Because of this He cleaned up many nations and the kings are so amazed they can’t say anything.





They will see what no one told them and think about it.