Here is what the Lord who made you says, Don’t be scared. I have bought you back and called you by your name. You are mine.




When you go through deep waters I will be with you and they won’t flow over you:


When you walk through the fire you won’t be burned or no fire will get on you because




I am the Lord your God, the Holy Special One of Israel, the One who saves you.




I sold Egypt to get you back for Me and Ethiopia and Seba.




Since you were very most precious to me and you have done what is right and I have loved you.

So I gave men for you and other people to get you back for me.





Do not be afraid because I am with you.

I will say to the north country, and to the south, send back my sons and daughters from all the far places of the world.


Send back every one that is Mine that I made to show everything I can do and to show My special big shiny brightness.




You are the ones who show how special I am so that people will come to me and be saved. I picked you to do this.

I, I am the only One who made everything and the only One who can save you from bad stuff and make it better. The other ones who say they are gods can’t do anything.



Because of you I have brought down all the leaders of Babylon.


I am the One who controls everything, your very Special One, the One who made Israel. I am your King.


I make a path through the mighty waters, through the sea.



And bring down their chariots and horses and all their power.





Think about the old times.




I will do a new thing. I will make a road in the wild country and rivers in the desert.




Everyone will be glad and say thanks to Me because I give waters for all the animals and people to drink.



You are My people, I made you. But you have not called out to Me to help you.


You were tired of Me and didn’t bring any presents that show my big, big love for you.


You made me serve you because of your sins. You have made me tired with all the bad stuff you do.



I, I am the One who blots out all your bad stuff and won’t ever think about it again.





Think about Me now, let’s talk together.