Hear me O people from far away; The Lord called me from before I was born and made me his sharp sword against badness.


You are My servant, O Israel, who will show everyone all My shiny brightness and amazing power.

But will Israel come back to Me? Even if they don’t I will be shiny bright with the Lord’s brightness



But even more than that, says the Lord, I will give You to be a light to all the other peoples of the world.

You will be My One who saves everyone who wants to be saved all over the world

The Lord, the One who buys back Israel says this to the ones who don’t want Him: Kings will see and be amazed and princes will bow down because of the Lord who is always helping you, the Most Special One of all, and He will pick you.

At the right day, at the best time, I heard You and saved and helped You and will keep You well and safe and give You for a promise to the people to set the world right again and give You the empty places





To set free all the ones trapped by the bad ones.


They will eat in high good places and won’t be hungry or thirsty anymore and burned by the sun





Because the One that loves them with His special love will lead them, by springs of water He will lead them.




And I will turn all My mountains into a high road for people all over to come back to me at Jerusalem.




Sing O heavens, and be very happy O earth, and burst out singing O mountains, because the Lord has held and patted his people.





You say I have forgot about you but I can never forget you. I carved you on the inside of My hands.




I watch over you always.





Your children will come running back to you and I will make them into a shiny bright robe for you to wear, like a bride puts on her prettiest jewels.




All the empty lands will be so full of them that you need more room.




You will say, Where did all these children come from?


The people from all over will bring all your children home to you.


And kings and queens will take care of them for you. They will bow down to you and you shall know that I am the Lord over everything.





The ones who wait for me won’t be ashamed.



They will be taken away from the strongest bad ones because I will fight with the ones who fight with you and I will save your children.


Bad things will happen to the bad ones and everyone will know that I, the Lord, am the One who saves you and brings you back, I the Strongest.




I never let go of you but you went after the bad ones and they captured you.



I called and no one called back. Don’t I have enough power to save you, I who made all the worlds?




Look at all I do: I dry up the sea.




I put the darkness and the stars in the sky for its clothes.




The Lord showed me right words to say that help people; He shows me every morning.

He opened My ear and I listened and didn’t turn away, though the bad ones beat Me and pulled the hair off my cheeks and yelled ugly things at Me and spit on Me.





The Lord God will help me





and I will not be upset or confused.




I set my face hard like a rock to do right.






The Lord God will help Me. Who can win against Him?





Turn back to the Lord and rest in Him.



Bad stuff will happen to you ones who follow the bad one. You will be so sad.