The statues bow down and fall over. They are heavy for the animals to carry in carts. Even they are trapped by the bad ones.





Listen to Me, O My people, I carry you from when you are born to when you die.





I made you and I will carry you and save you from every trouble.





Who can you say that I am like? Gold and silver fall over and have to be carried. It can’t even move a little bit. They cry to it but it can’t answer even one tiny thing when they are in trouble.




Remember the stuff that happened before because I am the only God and there is none like me at all.




I tell everything from the start of everything to the end.




What I say is what happens. I will do everything I want.



Listen to me you hard hearts that are far away. I come close and give you My righteousness to be your very own.


I won’t wait or be far away. I will save you in My special mountain, Zion, I do it for Israel, my very special shiny brightness.

Come sit in the dirt you daughters following the bad ones who think you are the best.






The special One of Israel is the one who protects us.



I was angry at My people for doing bad stuff that hurts people but you did really bad stuff to them.


You only want to do fun stuff and don’t do what you are supposed to be doing.






You are puffed up and think you will always be the best.


You only talk to the bad ones when you need help. You lean on badness and think that no one sees what you’re doing.



But you are making bad stuff that will fall back on you.




All the bad stuff you are doing is making you tired.



The stuff you are doing won’t save you but will burn up in the fire.


Listen to this people of Jacob who make promises by the Lord God but don’t know or do what is true and right.


I know that you are not wanting to listen to me; but I told you everything that will happen, and then it did happen.




I told you everything from the start so you can’t say, My statue did it.


You have been very bad even from when you were born, but I won’t get rid of you because I am good and I love you.




But I will get the bad out of you by letting the trouble you are making come back on you.



I won’t let you say that all My good stuff comes from the bad ones and their statues.




I am the only God. I am first and I am last.

My hand laid the ground of the world and stretched out the heavens above your head. I just called and they all stood up above you in the sky.



Come and listen. Who can do this?




I didn’t tell this as a secret but said it all loud from the start.



This is what the Lord God says, the One who bought you back to Him and always saves you and leads you down the path that you should go.







I am the one who teaches you to do things that bring plenty of everything.




O how I wish that you would listen to what I say.



Then your quiet life would have been flowing like a peaceful river





and you would have many happy children.




Go away, run away from living in Babylon.

Sing loud to the ends of the world how much I saved you.


And sing how I gave you water from the rock when you were walking in the desert. I split the rock and water rushed out.





No quiet will be in your heart when you do bad.