Listen to Me, you ones who follow what is right,






you ones that look for the Lord.




Look to Him, the Rock who made you and to Abraham and Sarah.





I called him by himself and blessed him and made him more and more.





The Lord will pat and make much better His people and His land.

     The dry places will burst up with flowers






like the most beautiful garden




And the people will be so happy that they will always be singing.





My people, listen to Me, listen to My rules. They will be a bright light for you to follow.








My rightness is close and soon you will be saved.



My arm will come and make everything good again. All the people will lean on Me.


Lift your eyes up to look at the heavens and then look at the ground, the world under your feet.

The heavens will disappear like smoke.



The world will wear out like an old shirt, but My saving you and My rightness will never go away.


Hear Me you ones who have My rules in your heart; don’t be afraid when people say mean things to you.




They will be eaten up. But My rightness will always be.





Wake up, put on your strongness like in the old days.




Aren’t you the one that killed the dragon


and dried up the deep sea to make a path for Your people to walk through?





The ones you bought back will come back home to Zion with singing.



The biggest happiness will always be on them and they will not be sad ever again.






I, it is Me that pats you and makes it better.





Why are you scared of men that will die




and fade away like the grass





and forget the Lord who made you?





The one who spread out the heavens






and laid the ground of the earth.



You have been scared every day because of the ones who press in on you.


But I am the Lord, your God who split the sea whose waves crash making loud noises,




the Lord over all the armies of the heavens.





I have put My words in your mouth






and covered you in the shadow of My hand.







I that plant the heavens




and lay the ground of the world that you walk on.





And I say to Zion, You are My people.



Wake up Jerusalem who stumbled around because the Lord was so mad at you for bowing down to the enemy.





No one was there to guide you the right way.




But I the Lord am your lawyer to talk for you. I took away the trouble and you won’t have it anymore.



I will give it to the ones who made all the trouble for you, the ones who were so mean to you and hurt you.