Crying to the children who run away from Me and follow the bad ones, piling sins and bad stuff up higher and higher.




They go down to Egypt and ask Pharaoh to help them instead of asking Me.



This will make you embarrassed because they can’t help you; they will only make it worse.


These, My children, are running away from Me and are lying. They will not listen to me so that I can make their hearts good.


So, the Special One of Israel says, Because you hate My word and like scaring people and bullying them to get them to do what you want,

The things you do will fall to the floor and break like a dish into many tiny little pieces so that there is nothing good left of your plan.




This is what the Holy One of Israel says, In coming back to me and resting in Me, you will be saved. When you stay quiet in Me and trust Me, I will be your strength.




But you wouldn’t do it. You said, We will run away on horses.




So the ones who chase you will have faster horses.




Only a few of you will be left, like a flagpole on the top of a mountain




But the Lord will keep on waiting for you to come back to Him so that He can be very good to you.




The Lord is a God who does everything just exactly right.




Very happy are all the ones who get quiet with Him.



Don’t cry anymore. The Lord will be very good to you and do what you ask.




He will walk behind you and say quietly, This is the right road, walk down it.



You will throw away all your statues of gold and silver like they were smelly trash.

And the Lord will send rain on the seeds you plant and much food will grow and your cows and all your animals will eat fat grass in big pastures.




Beautiful rivers and streams will be on every high mountain




and the moon will shine as bright as the sun

and the sun will shine as bright as seven days but won’t burn anyone when the Lord makes better the troubles of His people.


The Lord will come and take all the bad stuff out of the world





and out of His people’s hearts.




And you will sing a song of wonder in the night with a very happy heart.



Then the Lord will cause His wonderful voice to be heard and it will win over every enemy





and they will be burned up forever and ever.