Make it all soft and good and better, comfort my people, says God.


Say to Jerusalem, Your war is done; your sins are forgiven. The Lord has paid you back double for your sins.




A voice shouts out in the wild country, Make a straight road ready for our God to come to us.






Every valley will be lifted up and every mountain and hill will be made flat and the bent places will be straightened and the rocky places will be made smooth to walk on.



All the shiny brightness of the Lord will be shown and all the people will see it together, because the Lord said it.


All the people fade away like the flowers in the grass but the words from our God last forever and ever.




The best things are told to you, Jerusalem. Don’t be scared.




The Lord your God will come with His strong hand.



His arm will rule for Him and his reward is with Him and His work in front of Him.






He will feed His flock of people like a shepherd;



He will gather the lambs in His arms and carry them close to His heart,





and gently lead the ones who are about to have babies.






He measured all the waters in the hollow of His hand




and stretched out all the heavens above between his thumb and pinky finger.



He weighed the dust of the world and weighed the mountains in a scale and the hills in a balance.





Who told His Spirit what to do? Or who has taught Him, since He knows everything.


Look at this, the nations of all the peoples are like one drop of water in a bucket or like one tiny speck of dust compared to Him.







All the forests aren’t enough to burn an offering for Him.




All the nations are like empty nothings before Him.

Who can you compare God to? Men are very careful to make their statues and call them the Lord, but they can’t see or talk or think or do anything.


Haven’t you heard, hasn’t someone told you from the very beginning that He sits on the circle of the world and men look like grasshoppers to Him they are so small.




He stretched out all the stars of the universe like His tent to live in.


He makes the princes and judges of the earth as nothing like air. He will blow on them and they will shrivel up and the whirlwind will take them away.

Who will you say I am like, asks the Lord? Look up as high as you can see and tell me, who made all these things? And moves them around perfectly in the heavens? He calls each by their name.


His power is so big that they all stay exactly on their courses. Not one falls or disappears.




Why do you say that I can’t see you, O people?




Don’t you know that the Maker of all doesn’t get weak or tired.





And no one can come to the end of His thinking.





and He makes strong ones who are weak.




He gives power to the weak ones who are about to faint,



Even young people full of energy get tired and have to rest but the ones who keep their eyes on the Lord bring more energy inside themselves.




They will lift up on high to soar like the eagles;






They will run and not get tired; they will walk and not get weak.