The dry lonely places will be happy and the desert will bloom with lots of beautiful flowers like roses when the Lord comes back.





The desert will sing with happiness







and the forests will burst full of light and beauty.



They will see the special beautiful brightness of the Lord and how amazingly perfect is our God.




Be strong weak hands, stand straight weak knees,






don’t be scared all hearts that are afraid

because your God will come back and pay back the bad stuff to the bad ones and make everything good and right again.

  He will come and save you from every bad thing.




The eyes of the blind ones will be fixed so they can see,



and the ears of the ones who can’t hear will be opened so they can hear.



Men who can’t walk will leap like the deer






and ones who can’t talk will sing.





Waters will spring up and flow through the wilderness and there will be streams running through the desert.


The dry ground will be turned into pools and the thirsty land will be springs of water.






Where dragons lay will be reeds and rushes.




And there will a nice big road called the way of specialness.

The bad ones won’t walk on it. It is for the ones who want God, their Maker; they will walk there.




The ones the Lord bought for Himself will come to Zion with songs and joy on their heads that will last forever.




Sadness will run away from them forever.