Crying to the ones who go down to Egypt to get help because their horses are strong and they have lots of chariots, instead of going to the Lord our Maker.



The Lord, He is smartest and will lift up against the ones who do bad stuff.



The ones who live in Egypt are men and not God, their horses are just made of earth’s dust and not spirit.


The Lord will reach out His hand against the ones who help and the ones who ask for help. They will both fall down together.




Just like a lion isn’t scared of anything, so the Lord will come down to fight for His people,




like birds flying, He will stay over Jerusalem to protect it.





Turn back to Him, the One who the children of Israel turned far away from.





When that day comes everyone will throw away his statues of gold and silver that they trust in.

The bad ones will be killed by the sword and the young strong ones will lose the battle and run away from the Lord who will burn up the bad ones like a fire in Jerusalem.


Look at this, a King will be over the people and do it all exactly right: like the Lord planned it to be from the start of all things.





And His princes will do everything just right.

A man will be like a hiding place from the wind and storm, like a river spreading over the dry thirsty ground, like the shadow of a tall strong rock in a tired land.

Eyes will see well and ears will hear well and hearts will seek to know the Lord and tongues will speak well right words.

Bad ones won’t be called good anymore and mean people won’t be called nice. They won’t be able to keep hungry hearts from God’s love anymore.



Get up you women who are laying around not doing your work. Listen to what I say.






The grapes won’t grow

            and there won’t be any wine.



Shake and be scared because the beautiful fields will dry up and just be thorns and stickers.


All the fun places to go will be gone and the palaces of the rich ones will be empty. They will all crumble and be a pasture for flocks.




It will all be empty until God pours out His Spirit from the high heaven.




Then the wild dry places will burst into a fruitful field.




People will lean on the Lord and have peace and do what is right





and the land will be quiet and happy forever.





My people will live in strong houses





that will be peaceful and quiet places to rest.


They will be very happy to plant seeds and grow food by every pond and river and lake.