Crying will come to the ones who cheat and take other peoples stuff.




When you stop taking other peoples stuff, then your stuff will be taken.

O Lord, put Your special love and goodness on us because we just wait for you to help instead of cheating and stealing when we need something.





Be our strong arm every morning

           and save us from every trouble.




When You got up to help us the nations ran away.



The Lord is lifted up highest forever. He lives up way highest and fills Zion with fairness and rightness.




Knowing everything and choosing the right thing will keep His times firm and strong.




Being amazed at the Lord





will be His treasure.


The brave ones will cry and their messengers will cry very hard because they broke God’s deal



and everything is empty with no people anywhere.



The world sighs with sadness and the trees are cut down. No fruit is anywhere.



Now I will get up, says the Lord. Now I will be lifted up. Now I will lift Myself up.





When your hands do bad stuff the fire will eat you up.



Hear, listen to what I have done, you ones who come close to me, know how big My power is.


Who can stay close to the Lord? The ones who walk on His right path and say the right stuff




and the ones who hate paying money to do the wrong thing or things that aren’t fair



and ones who won’t let their ears hear about hurting other people



and ones who won’t look at bad stuff but shut their eyes from it.



That man will live high and be safe and have lots of food to eat and lots of clean water.





Your eyes will see the King in all His beauty




and you will see the perfect far away land that is waiting for you.




You will look around and wonder where all the bad ones went. You won’t see mean people who do hurt to everyone.


But you will see Jerusalem, your quiet city, where nothing bad will ever happen and nothing will ever break or get old.


But there the amazing and beautiful and precious Lord will be a place of wide beautiful rivers and streams with no ships in it.





For the Lord is the one who makes it right for us and tells us the right stuff to do.






He is our King.








Then all the stuff taken away will be given back and more


and no one will ever be sick





and the people that live there will be forgiven every bad thing they ever did.