Come close to me and listen, all you nations and all you people.


Let the whole world and everything that comes out of it come and listen.

Listen to the Lord because He is very upset with all the nations and steaming mad at all their armies.




He has destroyed them and will wipe them out.




All the armies of heaven will be dissolved.




And the heavens will be rolled together like a scroll



and all their stars will fall down like a leaf falling off a tree.




The sword of the Lord is in heaven against everything bad and hurtful.




He waited for many, many years to get back at all the bad ones, hoping they would come back to Him and be saved.



But the day has come for Him to get back for all the trouble and hurt the bad ones made.


Fire will run like a river and won’t ever stop but will make smoke go up day and night forever and ever. No one will pass by there.






But owls and ravens will live there.




They will call the high ones to the kingdom but none will be there and all her princes will be nothing.



Thorn bushes will grow up into the windows of the empty palaces. Dragons and owls will live there.

Wild beasts of the island will meet the wild beasts of the desert and the owls will rest there and make their nests and lay her eggs and hatch them.



Buzzards will come there too.


Find the book of the Lord and read what is says there. Everything it says will happen. Not one thing will be left out because I, the Lord, said it.