If a man sends away his wife and then she is someone else’s wife and then goes back to her first one again, won’t the land be full of trouble?





But you have had many loves and still don’t come back to Me, says the Lord God.


That’s why I don’t let any rain fall on the land, because you did much bad stuff and weren’t embarrassed but kept on doing it all.



Won’t you come back to Me saying, Daddy God, You have led me from when I was little.




Look at how much bad stuff you are doing, as much bad as you can.



So I stopped putting My good blessings and happy things on you.


Come back to Me, says the Lord God, and I won’t be mad at you because I am full of special love and kindness. I won’t always be mad.




Come back to Me because I am married to you.



I will give you shepherds who will know how to feed you the best food and lead you to do right in your life.



You won’t trust the ark of My covenant anymore or do just what you THINK is right.



You will say Jerusalem is the throne where the Lord of the universe sits.


And all the countries will come here to see Me and won’t do their own stuff anymore, but will do My right and best stuff.




You will call me Daddy and won’t turn away from Me.


A voice of children crying was heard in the high places because you turned away and forgot Me, says the Lord.



Come back, and I will heal your sliding backwards and help you walk the best way.



If you will come back, O Israel, come back to Me. Get rid of all the bad stuff you bow down to.



And say, It is the Lord that is always alive. He is the true One. He is right.



And the nations will be happy in Him and lift Him up high in their hearts.

Break up the clods of dirt and get the stickers out of your ground and plant good seeds in your hearts so that I don’t come and burn it all up because of all the bad stuff you do.



Be upset and cry because trouble is coming if you don’t turn back to the Lord who made you.




O Jerusalem, wash the badness out of your heart so I can save you.




How long will you think about empty stuff that isn’t good?




What you are doing is what brings the bad stuff on you.




My stomach hurts and My heart hurts from all the bad stuff.




I looked at the world all wrecked with no people and no birds




and at the heavens and they were all dark.




The whole land will be sad and empty but I will save a few.



Whole cities run away from the charging armies that come to steal everything you have.




I am so tired of all this hurting and killing you do.