Run up and down the streets of Jerusalem and see if anyone is looking for what is true. If you can find one, then I will forgive and not spank them.




Lord, You spanked them






but they only made their faces harder.



When they were full of everything they wanted, then they turned away from Me who gave it to them.




They lie and cheat and steal and take other men’s wives.



Their leaders that I sent with My word don’t tell them My words.




So My word will be a fire that burns them all up.


I will bring a strong nation from far away who can shoot arrows the best. They will eat up all your good food that I gave you.



But I will keep a few of you. You will wonder why the Lord has done all this to you.


Since you bowed down to bad ones of other lands in this My special land, I will send you to bow down to those bad ones in the other lands.



Don’t be so silly. Hold Me high who set the sand for the stopping point of the oceans.




Your badness stops you from the good things I want to give you.



The men here trick people from their money and lie and punish people who didn’t do wrong. Shouldn’t I do something to fix this?

Run from Jerusalem, get up in the night and go because enemies are coming to tear down the walls of this city because she doesn’t do right but only presses in on people and takes their stuff I gave them.



I am so mad and tired of holding it in because everyone just wants everybody else’s stuff.



And they say, It’s OK, It’s Ok, when it isn’t ok. Your bad stuff is coming back on you.

Turn around and go back the other way. Go back to when you listened to My words and did what I say and you will find My place for your heart to rest.


What good are all these presents you bring to Me when you do all this bad stuff and hurt so many of My people?



You do bad, so a bad army of enemies is coming from Me to spank you.



Don’t go out into the field or walk on the paths because enemies will be there with swords.





Everyone will be scared everywhere.



Put on itchy clothes and sit in the ashes from the fire and be sad for all your badness.


I set you, Jeremiah, as a tower and high fort for My people to test and see which way they will go; if they will follow Me or the bad ones.




They all fight against Me and say bad stuff about everyone.